For the final act of No Time To Die we see Daniel Craig incept Safin’s lair with fellow 00 Nomi. Whilst the news is now mainstream that N.Peal made these trousers, it should be said that it was only revealed to the public weeks before the final release. And it came as quite a surprise as N.Peal are not commonly known for trouser making.

The complete look

The entire ensemble sees James Bond wear Danner Boots, the Omega Seamaster, N.Peal Braces, a Rag & Bone White Henley and a navy military sweater, also by N.Peal. For sizing information I was gifted a size extra small and they fit perfectly. The leg is one seize fits all.

Group Shot No Time TO Die Combat Trousers


I’m currently a size 30-31 waist. If you’re unsure on whether the extra small would be too tight, buy a small as they have plenty of fastens and of course, braces. (Braces I paid 45 GBP) I was told the braces were sewn on to the combat trousers for the purpose of filming, which makes sense.

Others say

I have done an unboxing and mini style advice review on the Vlog, click image above. However, you should really check out the review by David Zaritsky on The Bond Experience for a comprehensive study. In an interview for the official 007 Podcast, Daniel Craig spoke about the trousers to James King,

The trousers alone took about three months of design and Suttirat was like just … she wanted to get them exactly right. I mean, that’s what we do.** I want every frame in the movie to be of interest. So the clothes that I’m wearing have to be of interest. So the sets are amazing, the cars are amazing, locations are amazing, the clothes are amazing.

**In a follow up King asked, ‘What were the things you have to get exactly right about?’ To which Craig quipped, ‘My arse needs to look good in them.’

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The NTTD collection is currently available to buy on the N.Peal Site. I’ll add more photos to this review and comments over time. 

Wearing NTTD Combat Trousers by N.Peal me in the shop with Kirsty Holdsworth

Me in the N.Peal Burlington Arcade store with Kirsty Holdsworth

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