An unexpected opportunity presented itself

– article by Tie Another Day.

This weekend gone was meant to be the general release of No Time To Die, however due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic we have to wait another six months to finally view this film (fingers crossed). However, to console myself and with rather apt timing (pun intended), I am writing this review of one of my recent purchases, that being the Omega Seamaster 300M No Time To Die James Bond edition.

Now there are a tonne of videos, blogs, and podcasts all relating to this watch, and this will be no different. However, I will be looking at why this watch has gained attention and how I feel it fits in with the film.

Omega Seamaster 300M case

Proper Presentation

The first thing that greets you in the box is this amazing watch bag / satchel, it is waxed cotton, very much akin to Barbour or Belstaff jackets. Indeed the olive green is a few shades darker brown than the Barbour Tokito jacket as seen in Skyfall. It is very utilitarian in that it has a specific purpose, to protect the watch.

There are some similarities to the garment bag that Bond receives from CIA Agent Paloma in Cuba, and it has been indicated that this presentation case could be seen on screen.

I do like the practicality, however, when I do travel I tend to put my watch in my glasses case, but the thoughtfulness around it is welcomed and unique to Omega watches.

Omega Seamaster 300M dial

The timepiece

The colour of the dial is a tropical brown, and for me when I saw pictures of the watch I saw a black watch, but in person that brown colour really is present.

I like brown, and the colours of the bezel and the numbers provides great contrast. The mustard brown colour of the markers and numbers on the dial provide great contrast to the colour and make it easy to read the dial and the time.

The finish

The watch is made out of grade 2 titanium, and it does have this gunmetal finish which doesn’t have any reflective properties apart from the domed sapphire crystal glass. It makes it perfect for doing any sneaky surveillance as it doesn’t reflect and it also makes the watch light.

Really light. The weight is around 96-97 grams for the whole watch including the strap! My Spectre Seamaster 300 on a NATO strap comes in around 105 grams and that is just the watch!

I wore the watch driving home, and had to constantly check if I was wearing the watch, it is noticeably light.

The dial

The bezel and dial are in a tropical brown, but the dial itself is amazing, it is a no date watch so it makes it more symmetrical, and in a way more sought after. There is the usual Omega and Seamaster logo. One of the “controversial” additions to the dial is the use of the broad arrow, this symbol indicates that the watch is property of Her Majesty’s government. Now this is a fabrication aligned to James Bond the fictional character, and given the other details, this cannot and should not be advertised as a military watch, this is a working prop.


as a former civil servant and Officer of Her Majesty’s government, I feel that I can wear this watch with confidence, but wear it in the mindset that this James Bond’s watch. Indeed, there was a great article that I read on Omega’s website a few years ago (sadly archived now) about Omega’s history with UK Special Forces and that they put the officers stamp number (or code number) on the back of the watch. The watch has several modifications meaning that this cannot be passed off as an original military watch, the stamp number and the 007 logo mean that it is a prop –

“but is a watch meant to be a prop or a genuine watch?”

Omega Seamaster 300M daniel craig james bond promo tuxedo shot


I think for those of us who have bought the Omega watch it is worn to emulate that moment in the film when something happens, it is a part of Bond. I still remember getting my Omega Seamaster 300M from Tomorrow Never Dies and getting constant remarks such as where’s the laser or the grappling hook.

“But for me it was living that “Bond experience”, and if it was good enough for 007 it is more than good enough for me.”

The reverse of the dial is a lot different from the other watches that Omega offers in that it has the broad arrow stamp with reference numbers indicating that the watch is a screw down crown; the watch is issued by the Ministry of Defence; Year of issue (1962), and the stamp number / code number associated with that officer, and in this case it is 007 which is self-explanatory.

Omega Seamaster 300M reverse


The Omega Seamaster 300M itself is a lot thinner than the current model, making it much more wearable, especially with my skinny wrists. The profile is a lot smaller than my Omega Spectre Seamaster 300 on the NATO strap which pushes the watch. Indeed when I buy a shirt these days, I have to look at the cuff width measurements.

I like the design it is a lot different from the other watches I have worn.

The domed sapphire crystal is a nice feature, again unlike most Omega watches where the sapphire crystal is flat, this was is domed and it reminds me of the Omega Speedmaster Moon watch which has a similar domed glass. The glass provides some great looks and the way it reflects in the sun is something else.

Read more on the style of James Bond in the book From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films.

Rather illuminating

The party piece of this watch is the luminosity, so the luminous dial has been applied to the numbers on the dial and the hands and markers on the watch, and it really is illuminating. It is perfect for diving, and certainly I had no issues in reading the time at night. I don’t know how long the illumination lasts for, but it is a very handy feature.

milanese mesh bracelet

The bracelet

The Milanese bracelet is really nice. Like the rest of the watch it is made out of grade 2 titanium and has a matt brush finish in an intrinsically designed mesh. Now I would normally avoid such bracelets as they tend to catch the hairs on my wrist, but this is comfortable and not as rigid as I initially thought.

The locking system for the bracelet is super easy and enables me to adjust the strap to my preferred setting. There is a bit of bunch in terms of the bracelet as I am using the last setting on the bracelet, but not enough to cause any issue.

Acquiring the watch

This Omega Seamaster 300M is not a limited edition so there will be depreciation in price and the second hand market is an option to get the watch at a discount. I was planning to make this purchase sometime in the summer, however, an unexpected opportunity presented itself.

I am an Instagram follower of Dan – TheSurreyWatchGuy on Instagram, and he recently advertised for sale his Omega NTTD. After a few calls we met up, and can I just say what a gent he is. He made the whole purchase process seamless and we had a great chat about watches. Please do follow him on all the socials as well as his YouTube channel.

Dan was great in his daily Instagram posts on this watch, and I am looking to try and emulate his fabulous pictures which are just amazing.

Omega Seamaster 300M montage

Photos taken from Dan’s Instagram page

Views on film…

The versatility of the Omega Seamaster 300M is evident from what we have seen in the trailers. The watch works well when Bond is wearing casual outfits be it a Black twill shirt, or the N.Peal Military Sweater, yet can be worn with Tom Ford suits and tuxedos.

The matte finish of the watch means it doesn’t shine or detract, and it has a military utilitarian feel to it. A scratch or a dent is something it is designed to absorb, and the vintage feel definitely sets the tone of Bond in retirement. I like the idea of this watch being a secret service watch as Nomi is also seen wearing the watch on a NATO strap, and in a way shows greater versatility in that it can be worn with several skin tones.

“There is something about military heritage and this will be a watch to look after for the next generations.”

Omega Seamaster 300M daniel craig promo

We have all the time in the world..

For me I really love this watch, not only because of the Bond connection, but the colour, material, and functionality, and it will be worn regularly, indeed it will become my daily wear. I was initially hesitant in getting the watch as it is a 42mm diameter dial watch, but the design of the case and the strap has made this watch wearable.

I have tried the watch out and it fits really well with blue and white shirts and is both a formal and casual watch. It is an all rounder watch that fits every occasion. I also like the fact that the dial colour with patina over time means it will age and get that vintage feel to it.

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