Daniel Craig Spectre Roll Neck

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Roll with it

We see James Bond wearing this Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater when he goes to visit ‘The Pale King’ (aka Mr White) in Altaussee, under his Dior Homme peacoat. It is the first N. Peal piece seen in the film that Bond wears. Bond is travelling over water in a snow-covered Austria, so this works well for keeping him warm.

This is a classic piece of winter menswear. The cable knit is around 100 years old, originating from the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. This item was specifically designed for Spectre, but it has since been made in other colours, and currently available in three other colours as part of their normal product lines.

Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater Spectre

Model: Fine Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater NPG-299JB_FUM

Size IS everything

I purchased this item in a small (I’m a 40 to 41-inch chest, 34 waist and 6 foot), and I’m glad I did. The mock-neck items are quite close fitting, whereas this isn’t. It isn’t baggy, but bigger than the mock-necks. I would say it is definitely more of a layering piece and I would wear it over a t-shirt for instance.

However, I do think that it still gives a nice silhouette, even though it isn’t as closely fitted. I don’t tend to wear this formally; it is a smart jumper which dresses up any casual outfit.

turnback cuffs and watch

Colour: Fumo Grey


As with most of my N-Peal items, I feel the arms are a little too short for me. However, this jumper has turnback cuffs, so I get away with this by not turning them back as much.

If I had the Medium, then I feel that the jumper would be very baggy on me. A lot of people have sized down for this item, and I’d agree. Whereas now I’d go for the Medium in the mock-neck jumpers, I’d still go for the Small in this.

Learn more about the style of James Bond in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

N.Peal Label

Moved with the times

Around a year ago this item, with all the other previous items from Skyfall and Spectre moved into the 007 line.

Same items, but with a 007 label in the collar, and a black 007 box to come in. Unlike with the mock-neck jumpers, the cable neck jumpers in alternate colours are the same price, despite the Fumo Grey now being in the 007 line.

unboxing Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater

Purchase Date: November 2016

It’s all wrapped up

As with all my N. Peal items, I keep them in their original box, with cedar balls to keep the moths at bay. I will wash it after 3-4 wears, as I layer it with a t-shirt underneath.

I use the N. Peal cashmere spray after every wear and wash it by hand with the N. Peal cashmere wash. If you don’t want to hand wash your cashmere, you can always have it dry cleaned, but that is the more expensive option.

Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater grey mens

Purchase Price: £242.50 (£269 with a 10% discount)

Pilling up

Every so often I have to get rid of the tiny balls of the pilling. I have a clothes brush that works to get rid of the majority of these, but it can be time consuming, and sometimes I’ll just leave it. N. Peal does have a range of items that care for your cashmere, and you should if you want to invest in these items.

Maintaining these items can go a long way in the longevity of them. You don’t want to throw them away after a few uses, you want them as staples in your wardrobe for many years to come. Sustainably it would be better!

Should you have a mishap, N. Peal do have a repair service. So far, I’ve not needed to use them. However, I have recently discovered a small hole in the right shoulder of my jumper and have enquired about the cost of repair. It is £15 per hole, however due to lockdown this service is currently unavailable. Which is understandable.

Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater

Current Price: £339

Sheer Luxury

This is truly a luxurious item to own! Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere. The feel of which is superb against your skin, the jumper has a roll neck and turnback cuffs. The Fumo Grey looks fantastic, and will go with everything! I love the cable pattern that is produced here and would wear such an item even if it were not Bond related.

Four years on and I’m very happy with this purchase. I would be buying it now, if I didn’t already own it. The customer service from N. Peal is always excellent, both online and in store, and if you aren’t happy, they are very accommodating.

Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram.

The N.Peal – Cable Roll Neck Cashmere Sweater is currently available through their site in Fumo Grey for 339 GBP.