Jason Statham Pinstripe suit Jacket article

Safe is what film critic Mark Kermode would describe as ‘slot A in tab B’ type stuff. It has moments of decent action although entirely formulaic. Which is in no way a bad thing when it comes to Jason Statham movies. The character Luke Wright is embroiled in a half protection, half revenge plot with the Chinese and Russian mafia, with political and old school corrupt FBI adversary’s thrown in for good measure. And that all works just fine.

The Designers

Pinstripe Suit Jacket Jason Statham style template

With regards to the clothes, the Costume Designer credit on IMDB is split between Ann Roth and Michelle Matland. I have reached out to a couple of people on the costume team on Instagram but no reply, which is totally fine and expected. I’ll update here if I get anything back. Before we get to the Pinstripe jacket, here are some other pieces worn by Statham in the movie.

The Leather Jacket

Jason Statham kneeling in a Belstaff Leather jacket

Jason Statham wears a Belstaff jacket in the early scenes before he is captured by the Russian mafia. It looks to be a black leather racer jacket without the ribbing on the shoulders. It has the angled zip pocket on the breast. There is not much sheen to this jacket so it’s a very matted leather. The logo on the left sleeve (as you wear it) crops up in an earlier scene in the hospital. You can shop through the Belstaff site, House of Fraser or Amazon. Statham wears Belstaff jackets in other films such as Blitz and The Expendables.

The Grey Hoodie

Jason Statham Grey Hoodie

Left (movie) Right (personal life)

Statham transforms from homeless drifter that happens to know martial arts, into suited assassin/protector by visiting Boyds store in Philadelphia. A legendary department store in Philadelphia that has been going since 1938. A short excerpt from Everybody Wiki on Boyds will describe it best,

Boyds’ third floor is a comprehensive presentation for tailored clothing, offering anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 suits and sport jackets from brands such as Trussini, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, ISAIA, TOM FORD, and Brioni. Boyds’ top floor is reserved for its 35-person tailor shop, which is the largest tailor shop in the United States.

If you’re after the drifter look, then you could probably get a grey tracksuit on Amazon for under 20 sheets. Jason also wears grey hoodies in his personal life. Although he only wears the top with a beaten sweat shirt and tee underneath. The trousers are white painted and crap covered cargo pants.

The Beanie

Jason Statham Beanie

Left (movie) Right (personal life)

The beanie is actually the only thing that looks to be worth any considerable luxury. I have a beanie that’s not too dissimilar from the one Statham wears for the first third of the film. (Although mine is navy and Statham’s character is charcoal, grey and teal depending on the light).

The Cashmere Hat from the N.Peal 007 Collection is not a frugal alternative, but it’s important that if you’re bald like Jason and myself, to have a soft wool that will cause itchiness.

If you’re not willing to pay top banana for a beanie, then this Love Cashmere beanie is available for 50 sheets from Amazon. It’s also in charcoal which is a closer look to the one that Statham wears in the film. He also wears beanies in his personal life so it would be a good staple for your wardrobe.

The Trainers

I’ve had no joy in finding any of the trainers Statham wears throughout. Though he looks to have two separate pairs, the ones he gives to his fellow drifter have a red, blue and grey sole. The others he wears throughout look to be a Converse Chuck 70 with a blue logo tab on the back. (Just guessing).

The Single Breasted Pinstripe Suit Jacket

Pinstripe Suit Jacket Jason Statham in movie Safe

The worsted wool single breasted pinstripe suit jacket looks to me very well tailored to Statham’s muscular physique. The sleeve length is perfect, with four buttons on the cuff showing an inch of the rounded shirt cuff. The shoulders are soft with a touch of padding. The lapels are medium width with the gorge relatively high. It has a barchetta breast pocket, straight flap pockets on the skirt with double vents. You can find these readily available as it’s a staple that most designers will offer. The one I have found as an alternative is by Farah from the Lyst website for 80 sheets.

He also pairs this with a pair of grey flannel trousers. I prefer this look to an all-over pinstripe suit as it’s more versatile. Daniel Craig also wore a pinstripe suit jacket in Layer Cake but wore it with jeans which looks a bit dated now.

Shopping list

Jason Statham Pencil Drawing

Jason Statham personal art available on RedBubble (click image)

Safe is available to buy on Blu Ray. If you’re in the market for some bespoke Jason Statham pencil art drawn by me (above) and thrown through a couple of crazy filters, then check out our Redbubble page.