S.T. Dupont – 5172 Diamond Head Square

Purchase Date: January 2012. Purchase Price: £180

Double Feature

Pierce Brosnan wore cufflinks in his shirts in Goldeneye (1995) and Bond has continued to wear cufflinks since, up to and including Spectre. When I started buying work shirts, I bought them with double cuffs and bought cufflinks for them.

Daniel Craig’s Bond in Casino Royale has a more subtle taste of cufflinks to Brosnan’s. These palladium coloured cufflinks (Model: 5172) by S.T. Dupont have the honour of appearing in 2 films. The aforementioned Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

It is my belief that these cufflinks were the most popular, as the “Coffin” cufflinks worn with the evening suit were a limited addition, and the other “Curved Stipe” worn in the train were hardly seen.

cufflinks james bond

Product age: 8.7 years

My Legacy

The S.T. Dupont cufflinks work well with almost any shirt and suit combination. They have a toggle mechanism to make it easy to fit between the cuff holes of your shirt and an elegant logo engraved on the back on the toggle. The square front has a diamond head pattern, which picks up the light well and makes the palladium shine. They come in a nice black presentation box, which I use to keep them in. Especially for travelling.

I used to wear these cufflinks all the time (pre COVID-19 days) and look forward to wearing them regularly again. Over the years the toggle on one of them is slightly ‘wiggly’, but not enough for any concern at this point. These cufflinks are almost 9 years old, and I can see these being passed down at some point, link my Gramps’s cufflinks were passed down to me.

cufflinks daniel craig

Photo sourced from www.jamesbondlifestyle.com

Available to buy?

They are an elegant item to own and virtually no one will know they were in a James Bond film. Thus giving you that invisible “Bond Moment” that David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience often talks about. In terms of investment, I’m not sure I’d classify them as a jewellery item, so perhaps only nostalgia and sentimental value will be its true worth. From a style point, the subtleness of the pattern won’t go out of fashion.

They did at one point come in Black and a Yellow Gold, although these are no longer available from S.T. Dupont. They can be found on eBay, but that does seem to be less often these days.  Currently there is a pair on eBay for $500/£392, so maybe they were worth the investment.

Article by Daniel Gaster


Because I liked these cufflinks so much, I have a small collection of others, not from Bond movies, but that I think could be classed as Bondian! I highly recommend this item, and others from the brand.

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