There was one formal event that I did attend which I was able to wear this shirt to, the premiere of No Time to Die. – Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 060).

Daniel Gaster No Time To Die Premiere


This is the first of James Bond’s suited looks within No Time to Die. In Cuba James Bond meets with Paloma who provides him with the proper attire for the mission he chose to accept. A TOM FORD black shawl collared Atticus evening suit, a TOM FORD batwing bow tie, a TOM FORD Silk Pocket Square and a TOM FORD Dress Shirt. In addition, black braces from TM Lewin and Crocket & Jones Highbury shoes.

Tom Ford Dress Shirt front on

Model: Evening shirt with pique cotton bib, point collar and cocktail cuffs

An unexpected pleasure

I had no intention in purchasing this shirt, absolutely none! I had purchased a suit and shirts from TOM FORD and thought that was it, I was done! No more!

And then I got an email from Shop Style about a discount on a TOM FORD shirt. I looked at the image, a white evening shirt, had a point collar and cocktail cuffs. The only shirts that TOM FORD do with cocktail cuffs are the Bond shirts in their ready to wear range. So, I thought I’d take a look.

The email took me to the Mytheresa website, I looked over the shirt and compared it to the one on Mr Porter. It was the right shirt and was 40% off at £333. They also had my size an EU – 41/ UK 16. But I decided to hold and not get it.

Purchase Date: July 2021

Bargain hunt

For a few weeks, I would go back and check daily to see if they still had it. If I had missed out at all. Maybe I was waiting for pay day. Maybe I was just curious to see how long it would be before they disappeared.

And then one day a further 30% discount was applied to the shirt at checkout. This reduced the shirt down to £233.10, almost another £100 off the shirt, total reduction 56%. You know what happened next.

Tom Ford Dress Shirt Side Profile

Purchase Price: £243.10

On closer examination

This evening shirt has a pique cotton bib, but unusually for this type of dress shirt the aforementioned point collar and cocktail cuffs are in a plain cotton.

The shirt is also designed to be able to take dress studs instead of the mother-of-pearl buttons. But I agree with Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits in his recent article on the whole Black-Tie look from No Time To Die that it would look odd to have studs with a buttoned-up cocktail cuff.

Current Price: £333 (Mr Porter) time of writing (End of June 2022)

Other details

Other details include buttons on the gauntlet, darts on the back and a small strip of material at the bottom of the front of the shirt. This strip can be hidden away. The purpose of this strip is to button the shirt to the waist of the evening suit trousers, which TOM FORD evening suit trousers have. This is to prevent the shirt from riding up and keeping the shirt front nice and flat throughout the formal event. As my evening suit isn’t a TOM FORD, and doesn’t have such a button, I leave this tab fixed to the shirt, hidden away.

As with the TOM FORD tab-collared shirt, the arms were a little too long, and therefore I sent the shirt to the TOM FORD store in London and had the arms shortened a little to fit me much better.

Daniel Craig Tom Ford Dress Shirt No Time to Die flatlay

The right occasion

There is only one type of suit you can wear this shirt with. You cannot mix and match it with casual items. I’ve not had many reasons to wear an evening suit in recent times. But there was one formal event that I did attend which I was able to wear this shirt to, the premiere of No Time to Die.

At the event I wore my midnight blue three-piece evening suit from Charles Tyrwhitt, my Turnbull & Asser Casino Royale bow tie, Albert Thurston white moiré braces, TOM FORD white silk pocket square (future review) and my Crocket & Jones Alex shoes.

No Time To Die Premiere

Myself and Pete Brooker (Editor) at the No Time To Die Premiere

The first field test

I felt suitably dressed for the occasion and the shirt felt very comfortable. The day wasn’t overly cold, but we did get rained on every now and then. I didn’t think to take an overcoat or an umbrella with me as there would be no where to put them. It was much worse after the premiere. I got quite wet trying to get from the Royal Albert Hall to the Hippodrome.

Unfortunately, I’ve had no reason to wear the shirt since. I usually want to try and wear something for quite a while before reporting on it. This is to provide you with an understanding of how the product lasts over time.

Maybe I’ll re-visit this later, but I wanted to share this as it was quite the first field test.

Dress Shirt cocktail cuffs

Credits, Resources, Shopping List

Although this Dress Shirt isn’t available on Mytheresa any longer, there are still some available on Mr Porter, unfortunately not in all sizes.

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Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram. Photos: taken of shirt with Bow Tie is the TOM FORD NTTD Bow Tie, photos from Premiere are the T&A Casino Royale Bow Tie previously reviewed.