British Cashmere specialists N.Peal have announced they will be releasing a James Bond Cashmere Collection inspired by pieces worn by all the Bond’s throughout every decade. How does the Goldfinger Ensemble fit and feel? In this article and in the video I will demonstrate how this look works on a small frame like mine.


The N.Peal James Bond Goldfinger Collection

I was kindly gifted a Navy Milano Cashmere Jacket, Fumo-Grey waistcoat and Navy cashmere tie inspired by the look James Bond wears to the office in Goldfinger.

I’ve had the pleasure of wearing this Goldfinger inspired outfit for the past few days. I apologise for looking so miserable below. I’m channeling my inner Bond. My inner Bond is a man of action who has just received an Odd Job judo chop to the back of the neck. He has No Time to Smile.

N.Peal Goldfinger collection bond influencer (me) wearing it looking miserable

No Time to Smile

Can you buy these N.Peal items separately?

Yes you can. The Milano Cashmere Jacket is available for 795 GBP, the waistcoat for 329 GBP and the Cashmere tie is 95 GBP. At present (June 2021) the collection is still available to buy through the N.Peal 007 Collection in store and online.

What size should I order?

I ordered a size small in everything and it fits unbelievably well. I’m 5″7 with heels, a 37″ chest (working on that) and the jacket comes to the bottom of my trouser hip pocket.

Pay a visit

I truly recommend you pay a visit to an N.Peal store and check out the collection. When you try on the garments you can request a bespoke fit where they are able to extend the length of the sleeves should it not be an exact fit. This service is only offered in store.

How would I normally wear the jacket?

If I’m going to wear the jacket without the waistcoat I’ll be more tempted to fold the lapels in and have it act as a Nehru jacket as seen below.

Learn more about the style of James Bond, including an interview with Adam Holdsworth Managing Director of N.Peal, in our book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films. Available on Amazon.

N.peal cashmere jacket james bond goldfinger me standing in a park

The N.Peal Cashmere Jacket with Tartan? Why not.

The Hot Button topic

One of the standout features on the Waistcoat are the beautiful mother of pearl buttons. The Jacket doesn’t have mother of pearl buttons, nor should it. It would be a completely different look and would compete unnecessarily with the waistcoat if you were to wear these as an ensemble.

N.Peal resin buttons

Lover of the Mother of Pearl

My co-host Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits has a penchant for buttons and has described the original outfit that Bond wore to his debriefing with M over on his blog which you can read here.

mother of pearl button

Mother of pearl buttons on the waistcoat

Still to come

I’m hoping to get the Managing director of N.Peal Adam Holdsworth on the From Tailors With Love podcast in the next couple of days to discuss the collection. You can listen and subscribe on iTunes here. A huge thanks to Adam, Jo and the team for the kind invitation and hospitality.

Adam holdsworth N.Peal and Pete Brooker from Tailors with love

Meeting Adam Holdsworth at the launch

Jo Mclaren Npeal and pete Brooker

Press Board with Jo McLaren head of commerce at N.Peal

UPDATE 13/01/2020

After wearing this jacket for an entire season it has began to show signs of wear. I have documented this in a follow up Vlog.