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Hello everyone, Jean-Claude Van Damme here. Most of you know me as the Muscles from Brussels, or from my cameo as a lycra-clad extra in the 1984 film Breakin’. When I’m not busy doing the splits, I’m constantly watching my favourite Bond film Moonraker on repeat. 

I’m less of a Universal Soldier, and more of a Universal Exports kinda guy. I know everything there is to know about Moonraker and I’m here to judo chop those common Moonraker myths. 

dolly braces moonraker

Does Dolly wear braces in Moonraker or was it a case of the Mandela Effect?

The simple answer is, we don’t know. We know Dolly doesn’t wear metallic braces like Bond’s nemesis Jaws, but we don’t know for a fact that she wasn’t wearing transparent aligners. (Dolly’s Braces or lack thereof, aren’t mentioned in the blurb on the back of my VHS tape, I’ve checked).

However, considering the technology that spurned the advanced orthodontic treatment wasn’t around until the late 80’s (and Moonraker was released in ’79), the odds are against it

Another good example of the Mandela Effect is my Oscar Win for Street Fighter. It’s amazing what people mis-remember. 

roger moore louis chiles

Why do Bond girls have silly names, like Dr Goodhead? 

I see what you mean, Madeleine Swann is a silly name because it’s not a euphemism. But Dr Goodhead is not a silly name. According to the stats, there are 0.03 people named GOODHEAD for every 100,000 Americans. And and at least one of those could be a doctor, or a CIA agent, or both!

Remember it’s not just Bond girls that have ‘silly’ names. I was the villain in Expendables 2 and my character was called Vilain. Which is very silly indeed. 

Why does Corinne’s shoes change halfway through the forest-chase scene? 

You see it’s a common myth that people think the producers screwed up, but in fact it was not a continuity error at all! Knowing I was a huge Moonraker fan, Babs Broccoli came to see me on the set of Timecop and showed me a deleted scene which blew my mind

Seconds before the hounds were released, Corinne quickly slipped into her sneakers and blue knee socks in an attempt to out run Drax’s Beaucerons. Sadly for her, it was all in vain and they ripped her limb from limb

Roger Moore the Quest red carpet van damme

Is it true Sir Roger was a great practical joker on sets? 

He was. When I worked with Sir Roger on the 96′ Box Office Smash The Quest, he would constantly be locking himself in his trailer, refusing to come out to film the many scenes he was contractually obliged to do. 

He would tell me constantly I was the worst actor he ever had the misfortune to work with. He kept pretending to ignore me at the wrap party & charged me £15 to have a photo with him at the premiere. Honestly, Sir Roger was a real card

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