Hannibal  S3, Ep9 …And the Woman Clothed with the Sun

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

An Orange Shirt is never an easy look to pull off. If it can be burnt orange, rustic orange or as described on the continuity sheet for this Antonio Valente shirt, ‘bison orange’ then it can be more palatable.

Orange Shirt Hannibal in therapy session standing


During a flashback of a therapy session with Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl) Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) wears a dark blue and brown three-piece. The plaid is interesting and composed of maroon, black, cream and dark olive. It’s an extremely audacious piece and the ensemble is not not really given it’s time in the sun. Mainly because the lighting is once again, deliberate and dark.

How to wear?

When wearing an orange shirt one might advice you to try and steer clear of opposing prime colours such as greens or sky blue. If you’re wondering why characters like Joker look so unsettling it’s because they implement unnerving combinations of colours like purples and greens and oranges. However, if you’re wearing something as audacious as bright orange, you may as well go all out. I mean, doesn’t Jack Nicholson look amazing as the Joker?

Terry Haste on Batman – ‘£330 per Outfit was WAY Under the Price but Tommy Agreed to do Them’

Back to Hannibal; The peak lapelled three piece is made by Nino Cioppa and the silk and wool blend tie with navy and orange abstract floral designs, is by Isaia. You can find a list of the tie brands used for the production of Hannibal here.

Does the bad guy always wear Black?

That is a common trope in movies. As well as the damsel in distress always being in white, signifying a halo effect around her character. The bad guy would often be dressed in black. Think Star Wars (Vader) think The Matrix (all the Mr Smith’s) but the true colour for evil, is a combination of competing and contrasting colours.

We can process black, much like we can process any colour. Although attempting to decipher ones character through a myriad of different colours at once, is unsettling.

Shopping List

Hannibal the series is based on the books by Thomas Harris. The entire 3 seasons of Hannibal are available on Blu Ray.