Hannibal  S3, Ep8 The Great Red Dragon

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

Hannibal Lecter’s (Mads Mikkelsen) wears a tan plaid three-piece suit as he appears in the chapel while Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) visits him during the episode.

This is the second Nino Cioppa suit that we see worn by Hannibal. According to the auction listing is a,

[..] custom creation for the character of Hannibal and is made of tan, dark brown, and light blue plaid cloth with a hounds tooth weave.

Tan Suit Hannibal in Memory Palace

Hammer price

The tan suit sold for $1,500 at the Prop Store Auction. Whilst the previous article focused on Hannibal’s Golden Tan suit, this is more of a dark tan with light blue/grey tight plaid that is hardly there. The blue cotton shirt along with the cream and  blue paisley silk tie, helps coordinate the colour palette for this suit. When choosing a tie for your suit you should typically look to match either a colour from the plaid or the lining of the suit jacket.

Memory Palace

It’s a shame we don’t really get to see more of this suit in this episode. We get to see the back of the suit in Hannibal’s memory palace. Once he turns to welcome Will, we see him in his inmate clothes. This is where the production and creativity of the writers really ameliorate the show into high art. It invites you into the head of Hannibal to see things the way he sees them. To experience the world how he envisages it.

But what to wear with a tan suit?

Whilst the design and cut of the suit is completely different to Kananga’s double breasted tan suit from Live and Let Die, the principles of pairing the blues are the same. Kananga played by Yaphet Kotto wears a blue shirt that pulls the blues from the silk tie, described best by my co-author Matt Spaiser in his article,

[…] an orange silk tie with a woven pale blue pattern of diamonds and rotating fleurs-de-lis.

Yaphet Kotto As Kananga wearing a Cyril Castle Tan Suit in Live and Let Die

Yaphet Kotto As Kananga wearing a Cyril Castle Tan Suit in Live and Let Die. – Image Courtesy of Bond Suits . Com

And Bond? ..

We’ve also seen Bond wear tan suits. The Massimo Alba Sloop suit seen recently on Bond in No Time To Die is described as beige, yet beige and tan are not too far off in the colour wheel. Here Bond wears a darker blue button down shirt. Depending on how dark your tan suit is, should determine the shade of blue of the shirt underneath. The lighter the suit, the darker the shirt and vica versa. If you’re unsure you can always opt for a white shirt. Whilst a white shirt works with everything, it’s less interesting. It doesn’t have the same softening effect that a light blue shirt offers.

Shopping List

Hannibal the series is based on the books by Thomas Harris. The entire 3 seasons of Hannibal are available on Blu Ray.