Hannibal  S3, Ep7 – Digestivo

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

We first saw Nino Cioppa’s work in Ep 212; a two piece suit and overcoat for Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford) plus sports jackets for Raúl Esparza (Dr Chiltern).

This brown three piece suit, (described in the costume notes as ‘golden tan prince of wales plaid in dark teals and blues’) is the first time we’ve seen Nino Cioppa make suits for Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen). This makes an interesting entry as we now have an official 3rd tailor for the Hannibal character. (Not counting the light blue off the peg Brioni suit for the pilot episode).

Hannibal Golden tan suit at dinner

Hannibal in Golden Tan POW, with the auction photo from Prop Store (right)

Who’s Hungry?

Hannibal wears a brown three-piece suit as he and Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) dine with Mason Verger (Joe Anderson). We are treated to some nice close-ups of Hannibal being clothed for the dinner As Hannibal is being held captive by Verger, we could still argue the semantics that Nino Cioppa is still not Hannibal’s tailor, but Vergers. Much like James Bond wore Dr No’s nehru jacket for dinner in the final act.

We could also presume that in this universe, Verger would have gotten his tailor to make the suit ahead of time based on pre-determined measurements.

However, as this was custom built for Mads Mikkelsen, (according to wardrobe notes) we can safely say this was not a suit that belonged to Verger, and therefore Hannibal now has an official 3rd tailor.

Introducing Stefano Ricci

We also have a new tie brand. The black silk with a turquoise shaped diamond pattern tie that Hannibal wears is by Stefano Ricci. You can see the list of the brands that have supplied brands for production in an article for Ep 109.

Stefano Ricci is a family owned Italian company that started out making ties in the 70s before expanding into suiting, jackets, shoes knitwear and leather goods in the ’90s. An interesting timeline can be found on the Stefano Ricci website.

This suit fetched $1,500 at the Prop Store Auction.

Further Reading & Shopping list

Hannibal the series is based on the books by Thomas Harris. The entire 3 seasons of Hannibal are available on Blu Ray.