Ford V Ferrari (2019) Directed by: James Mangold

‘My name is Carroll Shelby and performance is my business.’ Carroll Shelby, Ford V Ferrari.

Costume Designer: Daniel Orlandi.

Filmography: Phone Booth, The Founder, Saving Mr Banks.

My Review

Ford V Ferrari uses artistic licence to create villainy within the corporate world of Ford. If you want a portrait photo, rather than an impressionism; watch The 24 Hour War.

If you want to be thrilled and emotionally thrown around the room, then this is it. I felt like a real man watching this. I felt like a real girl crying to it also.

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On the Show

I’m talking to the Costume Designer for Ford V Ferrari Daniel Orlandi. Daniel talks about how he got involved with the film and how he brought the 60’s look to screen. Below are some of the questions I asked.

How did you get involved with this film?

DO: I had done Logan with Jim (James) Mangold so when this came about I got a call saying “I’m doing this movie about the Le Mans race” and I thought, I don’t know anything about cars. But then I read the script and it sort of made me cry.

With regards to suiting, how did you distinguish the Italian Ferrari team execs from the Ford team?

DO: We tried to give the Ford execs almost like a football team – we gave them a grey shiny suits and skinny ties. And then Ferrari team were a bit more old world so they were warmer and richer colours. The ties were a little wider; Cream coloured shirts not that white and blue.

On transforming Matt Damon into Caroll Shelby

DO: Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby we tried to give that [..] like a peacock with his houndstooth sport coat and his tight black pants. Because he straddles both worlds. He goes into the Ford (corporate HQ) with his cowboy hat, because he was Texan. We really made him the California guy.

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Get the look

According to Remmert from Bond Lifestyle the glasses Matt Damon wears as Carroll Shelby are the Entourage of 7 Los Angeles. The model is Beacon 1020 A.

Ford V Ferrari sunglasses

The Watch

Again thanks to Remmert he has identified the watch Shelby wears as a Heuer Carrera 7753SN. You can find out more on the Watch ID website.

Ford V Ferrari watch

Shopping list

Ford V Ferrari is available to buy on Blu-Ray. The film was based primarily on the book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans by A.J Baime. The Ken Miles Biography (played by Christian Bale in the film) has been very well reviewed on Amazon.However, next on my reading list will be The Shelby American Story by the same author Art Evans.

Fan Art

A pencil sketch of Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby is now available through our Red Bubble store.

Ford V Ferrari fan art

Props from the film

Dan Gurney’s screen matched helmet

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