Our editorial team are a mix of sartorial and cinema enthusiasts who have curated their personal wardrobe based on their favourite film/s and actor/s. They offer a welter of knowledge on menswear brands seen on film based on their passions for buttoned-up and casual elegance. The team are both contributors to the blog and also to the podcast. You can get in touch with them individually through their respective social media channels or by contacting me here.


Matt Spaiser Co-Author
Matt Spaiser is the editor of Bond Suits and is the savant of James Bond tailoring. He likes to buy second hand furniture from Estate sales. He goes to fancy mansions in Connecticut and buys it straight from the rich people.
Daniel GasterEditor-at-Large
Our man in a field. A man of distinction, a real big spender. Hey good looking why don’t… Sorry, I digress. Daniel has reviewed many of the brands and products seen in the James Bond films. He is also a regular guest on the From Tailors With Love podcast.
ZFashion Editor
Z which stands for Zoom King, is a great student of suitings, costume and might actually be a real life spy. I certainly wouldn’t want to find him waiting for me in my office after I’ve just made a little money on the side selling secrets.
Bobby Morelli Regular Guest
Bobby Morelli is one half of Matched Perfectly on Instagram. He has a penchant for luxury brands and his favourite Bond film is Thunderball. He has seen Usual Suspects approx. 7890 times.
Benjamin Waters Regular Guest
Benjamin is a Globetrotting, adventure seeking, workout enduring, suit obsessed lawyer in the heartland.
David ZaritskyRegular Guest
David Zaritsky is the face and founder of The Bond Experience, a social site built for James Bond fans by James Bond fans. His favourite Bond is Casino Royale, loves cats, and is an all round good egg.
Eisuke OchiaiContributing Editor
A Bond fan and a happy customer with an obsession for detail. In-depth reviews. Looks good in Norfolk Jackets.
Dan (A Very English Institution) Contributing Editor
Devoted to the pedigree and style of A Very English Institution.
Felix Thomas Creighton (Fleming Never Dies) Contributing Editor
Posts original images about Ian Fleming’s 007 & British culture. Host of podcast and youtube channel, “British Culture: Albion Never Dies”.

Albert Thurston – Dove Grey No Time to Die Braces

I’m able to sit back of my chair and not feel like I’m being stabbed in the spine. Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 064). Paying his respects Bond on holiday in Matera with Madeline, goes [...]

Recreating the Tom Ford Ties from Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Tom Ford Ties Back in 2022 the culmination of a fan-based project reached fruition with the completion of the TOM FORD Quantum of Solace tie project. The project was to get a recreation [...]

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