There are a number of differences between the two Cord Trousers. – Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 062).

Cord Trousers No time to die

Bond in Corduroy

The Winch 2 introduction

James Bond is seen wearing the Winch 2 Massimo Alba cord trousers in No Time to Die in Matera Italy, during what looks like a holiday with Madeleine Swann. He is wearing them with the Connolly Giubbino jacket, Anderson & Sheppard Henley, Drake’s Crosby Chukka boots and Barton Perreira Norton Sunglasses as the couple arrive. (Picture above).

Purchase Date: June 2021

The Mauko introduction

The Mauko are worn when Bond goes to Madeleine’s home in Norway. Bond arrives wearing the Massimo Alba Rain 2 Duster, the Connolly x Finamore linen shirt, and Crockett & Jones Molton Boots (Review by Z). The next day he wears the same outfit but replaces the shirt with a Rag & Bone Henley.

Cord Trousers Bond Norway

Film: No Time to Die | Year: 2021


It was well over a year after I purchased the Sloop Suit that I bought the last three items from Massimo Alba. I decided that based on new import charges from the EU, that I might as well get them all together, rather than buying them individually.

Purchase Price: £208.03


Soon afterward I received a cardboard box covered in brown paper. Under the paper was the familiar globe image on the box, which I recall seeing from when I received my previous purchases from them.

The items were wrapped in the same brown paper and contained a compliments card on the top. The Max 2 leather belt which I ordered at the same time will be reviewed later.

Cord Trousers from behind with belt

Purchase Price: £256.72

Some Differences

These two pairs of Cord Trousers are made from the same baby corduroy range as the aforementioned Duster and the Sloop Suit which was also featured in Matera. However, there are a number of differences between the two trousers.

The Winch 2 have a Flat front, zip fly, tab fastening, unbuttoned welted back pockets, 6 belt loops and side pockets. They arrive hemmed and are machine washable trousers.

With the Mauko, they also have a flat front, side pockets and 6 belt loops, but instead they have buttoned back pockets and a button fly. Unlike the Winch 2 these arrive with the hem unfinished and are dry clean only.

When comparing these trousers to those of the Sloop Suit, they are almost (probably are) the same trousers. Fit wise they are more or less the same. They are very comfortable to wear, feeling almost like velvet to the touch. I did have to have the Winch 2 shortened slightly, and the Mauko’s hem finished via my local tailor.

Model: Winch 2, Colour: Alluminio – Current Price: €246

Out and about

I wear these trousers casually, I pair them with shirts, t-shirts, henley and polos and usually with a pair of shoes or boots. I don’t feel trainers work with them, but that maybe just be me. The black Mauko I wear more formally than the light grey Winch 2, which I wear with more casual items.

I tend to wear the Winch 2 more often as they are machine washable, so I find them more versatile not having to go to the dry cleaners all the time. However, with the light grey Cord Trousers only get worn during the warmer weather months. The Black, more formal Mauko trouser can be go into the cooler months. That being said, both could be worn throughout the year, as they are comfortable enough to wear in both climates.

There is a luxurious feel whenever you go out in them, I have a pair of cords from AllSaints in the Iggy style which I believe is the correct style that Bond wears in Skyfall, but in a different colour. Over time these feel much rougher than the Massimo ones. I don’t recall the Iggy feeling this soft or velvety before. So, wearing these continues to be a joy.

Model: Mauko, Colour: Nero lavato – Current Price: €302

Wear and tear

Having had these for over a year, the Winch 2 have worn well, like I’ve said they get worn the most and have worked out well. I can also report that I got baby sick on them, and it wasn’t an issue. Straight in the wash they went and came out ready for the next wear.

However, with the Mauko I have recently discovered a hole in the leg where the seam is coming away. I’ll have to go to the tailors to have this mended, and as it’s on the seam it will probably not show that a hole was there.

Cord Trousers style template

Manufacturer: Massimo Alba

Not great tbh

I do feel that this shouldn’t have happened so soon after purchase, and remember, these get worn less often. I am slightly disappointed by this, but they’ll be repaired, and I’ll carry on wearing them as they are excellent Cord Trousers. Could be that these were the one pair that missed the quality control.

For the money, I do think that they are good value, they pair well with a lot of different items. But I’m disappointed with the quality of the Mauko, especially when the seams starting to spread. Maybe this is the exception, rather than the rule. I find it difficult to believe that Daniel Craig would want to include this brand in the film if the quality wasn’t as high. I’ve not had anything else happen with my other Massimo Alba items, so will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Still available

All the items that Massimo Alba provided that appeared in No Time to Die are still available from their website. Including these two pairs of trousers. So, if this report hasn’t turned you off buying a pair to add to your James Bond wardrobe, this is where to find them.

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