Like most of my Bond inspired purchases, these are an investment, an investment that may last me 20 years.

– Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 065).

There’s a sale on. Or was.

I’m starting this report with the conclusion, it’s a little backwards, but I’ll tell you why!  It’s because the Norwich shoes were recently in sale (although now only available through special order). You can always find a pair crop up on eBay and often they won’t be listed as James Bond shoes. I highly recommend getting a pair while you can!

Purchase Date: June 2022 – Model: Norwich

Back to the beginning

For Spectre, Daniel Craig’s James Bond wore (for certain) three pairs of Crockett & Jones shoes. However, for the film’s promotion, six pairs were advertised (Camberley in Black Calf, Alex in Black Calf, Northcote in Black Wax Calf, Norwich in Black Calf, Radnor in Black Calf and Swansea in Dark Brown Suede.).

The Norwich shoes were the default pair worn with all Bond’s TOM FORD business suits seen in Mexico, London and Morocco, replacing the Highbury seen in Skyfall and No Time To Die. 

Crockett & Jones brown daniel craig spectre

Colour: Dark Brown – (Black in Spectre (2015)

Buy the book

Crockett & Jones interview, how they made it into the James Bond films – featured in the book: From Tailors With Love, available on Amazon.

The Alex made a return with Bond’s white dinner jacket for his date with Madeleine Swann on the train, and the Camberley were introduced as part of Bond’s Rome funeral suit disguise. The Norwich is a lace up Derby shoe, similar to the Highbury from Skyfall. It is made from calf leather, a Dainite rubber sole and made using the same last, 348.

But Danny-boy – what is the difference between the Norwich and the Highbury? (I hear you scream into your phone, tablet or any other marvel of modern day technology). The Norwich has a straight toe cap with five eyelets, where the Highbury is plain fronted and has only three eyelets. The Highbury now (from No Time to Die) have replaced the Dainite sole with the ‘City’ rubber sole.

Manufacturer: Crockett & Jones

Still with me? Don’t worry I’m getting to the fun bit. Maybe.

One thing I should mention with these shoes were that I wasn’t getting the screen accurate Black, but instead the Dark Brown Burnished calf leather. I hadn’t got any brown shoes (boots yes, but not shoes) and I thought it was about time to change that.

Purchased online

These are the first pair of Crockett & Jones shoes I’ve purchased not from one of their stores. Shortly after a major overhaul of their website I decided it was time to get myself a new pair of shoes, as the last pair I bought (The Alex) were purchased in 2016.

Crockett & Jones brown

Purchase Price: £480


They arrived in just a few days from ordering. In the box the shoes came with the standard green shoe bags, and the recognisable green box. There was a new addition, an updated label with a historic photo of workers within the factory.

I’d ordered the shoes with the correct sized shoe trees, as they help to keep the shoes in top quality condition. From the moment I put them on they felt really very comfortable. I assumed they would be being made as the same Last as the Alex, Highbury and Tetbury, all of which have fit me so well.

However, just to be certain, I wore them every day in the house for a week before venturing outside in them. I wear them with a vast array of different outfits, being brown they can work better for casual items then black shoes. I feel black shoes stand out more in casual settings as being a little too formal.

Crockett & Jones business and casual

Some regrets (although unprofessional)

Soon after my purchase they went into the sale! I was gutted, as I’d worn them out there was no way I could return them. This was during last years summer sale. Since then, they’ve reappeared in the Winter sale and again for this summer. Timing is everything, and on this occasion, I was out by just a little.

I didn’t expect them to go into sale as they’d been in Spectre, I thought that they’d be around for a lot longer. However, I don’t regret getting them. They are exactly what I wanted; comfortable shoes that work as well with a suit and with any of my smart casual or casual outfit choices.

Over the last year I’ve probably wore them more than any of my black pairs of Crockett & Jones. Like most of my James Bond inspired purchases, these are an investment. An investment that may last me 20 years, as long as I take care of them.

Crockett & Jones close up


Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram.