I could feel a sharp pain pushing into my back. – Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 063).

Black Braces T.M Lewin

Purchase Date: November 2021

Black tie event

Bond is in retirement, living in Jamaica when Felix pulls his friend back into the world of SPECTRE. Requesting he meets with Paloma in Cuba to attend a meeting of the criminal organisation.

On arrival and “something about a hat and Paris…?” Paloma provides Bond with a TOM FORD Black Atticus Evening suit, TOM FORD Dress Shirt, TOM FORD Batwing Bow Tie, TOM FORD White Silk Pocket Square, Crockett & Jones Highbury Shoes, and these braces.

Purchase Price: £37.50

Typically, Daniel Craig’s Bond has worn Albert Thurston white moiré braces with his evening attire, so the addition of the T.M. Lewin Dual End Black Braces is a noticeable change.

Although these braces are made by Albert Thurston for T.M. Lewin, there are not the same quality to those worn by Bond previously, including the Dove Grey woven ribbed seen earlier in the film with the Massimo Alba Sloop Suit.

It could be argued that Bond didn’t actually choose these himself, and that the CIA provided them for him. However, if you go to the lengths to go to his Tailor, and bootmaker to get items similar to his usual tastes, they’d get a pair of the correct braces, maybe in black moiré?

Black Braces No time to die

(No Time to Die) T.M. Lewin Dual End Black Braces

Hold up

The benefits of these braces are that as they have dual ends, they can be used on trousers that have got the braces buttons fitted into the waistband, as well as those that do not, switching out the leather ends with polished silver end clips.

On the inside of the braces you’ll see a little union flag label, which on the reverse say “Made in England”.

The other benefit is the price point. Currently £40 full price, compared to the Black Albert Thurston moiré being around £120.

I’ve worn these with both ends attached to the braces, it is a little fiddly putting the clips on, but not very difficult. It does give the braces versatility to be able to be worn with all trousers. Especially if you don’t like wearing a belt.

James Bond Braces with shirt and trousers

The downside

Having worn these out a few times with a few of my suits I was happy with them, they were doing the job, and with a lounge suit looked good with either my black or grey Anthony Sinclair suits.

On one occasion I went to a coffee shop waiting for my wife. While there I took out my laptop and started to write some reviews for this blog. I was sitting in one of the hard chairs (better for my back while on the laptop then the sofas) I could feel a sharp pain pushing into my back.

Black Braces with blue shirt

Model: Dual End Black Braces

It was the back arm of the brace, more specifically it was the stud that holds the interchangeable leather end in place. I’ve never had this with the other braces that I own, but they don’t require this stud on them as the ends are fixed.

I’m not worn them much since, but most of the time I don’t sit in such a hard chair, or a life raft as Bond does. I’ve started wearing them again to write this review, and most of the chairs I have in the house this hasn’t applied to.

James Bond Braces with white shirt and bow tie

James Bond Braces with white shirt and bow tie


The presentation box that they come in is very nice, larger than the one you get from Albert Thurston, but not as nice looking. But it will keep them in a good condition for a long time. And with the interchangeable ends, will work on any trousers you may own, and need keeping [the British end] up.

They were on sale through the T.M. Lewin website over Christmas for £24, which is a bargain, at present they are back on for £40 which is still good value for a Bond item, and a great little gift for the Bond fan you may know.

You may want to wait till the next sale and see if they go back down, but either way a good item, just tell them to sit in comfortable chairs.

Albert Thurston did post on their Instagram that you can have these made by them, the cost of which is to make a purchase of the Dove Grey braces and inform them you want the black No Time to Die ones instead. Up to you, but I don’t think the two compares. I’d keep an eye on the T.M. Lewin website and get them there when you can.

Black Braces and white shirt

Manufacturer: TM Lewin


Resources and credits

Bond Suits for the image. And Bond Lifestyle for fact checking. Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram. Buy the book, From Tailors With Love, An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, on Amazon now.