With the suspicion that some more James Bond projects would be coming around the corner for the 60th Anniversary, Z from Tie Another Day on Instagram and myself (Daniel Gaster) have compiled a Wardrobe Wishlist. In some cases we have also listed the brands we believe best placed to reimagine these items.

Tomorrow Never Dies – Dark Blue zipped mock neck jumper (N.Peal)

Pierce Brosnan Wardrobe Wishlist

DG: (Daniel Gaster) I’ve always loved this PTS, and James Bond’s outfit here. Over a black roll neck jumper Bond wears a blue half zip or a full zip jumper. I’ve always wanted to see more of this jumper. We see a little bit at the top and peeking out the jacket, and the cuffs.

I like the shade of blue that this is, and would be interested to see the jumper’s pattern, from what we can see, which is very little, has a ribbing to it.

Casino Royale PTS Cardigan

Daniel Craig Casino Royale Wardrobe Wishlist

Pic: Bond Suits

Pic: Iconic Alternatives

This jumper I think is quite unusual, with its large collar, again a PTS sequence, but I quite like the look. It’s seeing the jumper in other publicity shots and not from Casino Royale itself that you see the details of the cardigan. I think this would work well with smart casual and casual outfits.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Tan cardigan

Wardrobe Wishlist George Lazenby

Z: (Tie Another Day) This is just an exquisite piece. It is a lovely light brown / tan colour, with the patch pockets and the brown hot cross buns designed buttons. This would look super cool with a shirt / t-shirt. It features in many scenes, and the design in my point of view is timeless.

You Only Live Twice – Grey Mock Turtleneck (N.Peal)

I could definitely see N.Peal recreating the mock turtleneck in mid grey as seen in You Only Live Twice. It is a classic look, and one that is very much associated with Sean Connery. Definitely one for my Wardrobe Wishlist.

Casino Royale White shirt with epaulettes (Orlebar Brown)

High on the Wardrobe Wishlist

DG: Orlebar Brown have thus far only gone as far as the Roger Moore years in their previous collections. So, this shirt would bring them in to the 2000’s.

This short sleeve shirt would be a welcome addition for many, although if I did own one, I doubt that I’d wear it with a suit. I like the self-stripe details, shirt with epaulettes details and think it would be an easy thing for OB to be able to produce.

Learn more about James Bond and his tailors in the book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films, available on Amazon.

Casino Royale White shirt with epaulettes

Z: I agree with Daniel on this. The short sleeve shirt with epaulettes and that satin stripe shirt is just something that is perfect for Bond. AND one that will be timeless.

Casino Royale Dark Navy shirt

Wardrobe Wishlist Daniel Craig

Another Casino Royale shirt, this time at the One and Only club. I think having a midnight blue linen shirt with a pocket and camp collar is a perfect summer staple, and one that may be a benefit than the original which was either an Alfani polyester shirt or a custom made silk shirt. Either way, the design would be perfect for the summer nights.

The World is Not Enough – Red tie (Turnbull & Asser)

Pic: Bond Suits

DG: Turnbull & Asser released another 3 Brosnan ties in the Autumn of 2020 thanks to the efforts of many, including Blair Ballard.

Should another set of ties be released I’d be very interested in this red tie from The World is Not Enough being re-created. I do like a red tie!

Dr. No White Self Stripe Pyjamas

(Pic: Bond Suits)

Goldfinger Light blue cotton

Pic: Bond Suits

I thought this would be a slightly different avenue, but something that would be in the wheelhouse of T&A. I don’t know if Bond’s PJs were from T&A originally, but think it could be a nice addition.

Dr No – The navy grenadine tie (Turnbull & Asser)

Wardrobe Wishlist Sean COnnery Dr No

Z: T&A have been brilliant in their selections covering the Brosnan era, and there are only a few more ties from Die Another Day that are yet to be reproduced. However, for my Wardrobe Wishlist, I am thinking there are some classic ones which they could consider in bringing back.

The navy grenadine tie is always a classic for the Sean Connery era.

The World is Not Enough – Pipeline Tie

This tie was initially identified as being from Herbie Frogg based on the label, but was also a supplier for Turnbull and Asser. This is very similar to the Brioni tie that Bond wears in Casino Royale meeting Vesper, so a very versatile tie.

Herringbone Topcoat in Thunderball (Mason & Sons)

(Pic: Bond Suits)

DG: Mason & Sons are releasing 60 items for the 60th Anniversary of Bond. Although this has started, I’d like to see the addition of the Thunderball topcoat.

Mason & Sons have previous brought out the Navy chesterfield, but this would be a nice alternative

The Living Daylights Gun club check sports jacket

Z: This jacket is just so perfect, great colours, perfect for formal / informal events, probably the best of Timothy Dalton’s wardrobe.

The Man With the Golden Gun blazer

Roger moore Wardrobe Wishlist Blazer

This is an interesting blazer / sports jacket, and whilst it does harken back to the 1970’s, there is something about it that is universally Bond. If this cloth were offered in a linen / wool mix, then it would be a great option for a few seasons. An interpretation of this fabric was offered last year from Fox Brothers, and it was a little too vibrant for my palette, but something to consider.

Casino Royale: Navy Herringbone Raincoat

(Pic: Bond Suits)

DG: I love the look of this coat. I’ve tried to find something similar, but nothing so far has matched it. I was never sure if this was a Brioni item or not. Even if it was recreated, I’m not sure if it would be in my price range. But I think it would be a wonderful piece.

Casino Royale: Blue Barleycorn Topcoat

(Pic: Bond Suits)

You might be sensing a theme here, I do like a coat. I’m British it gets cold. I do like the look of this topcoat and would probably use it as Bond does here over smart casual attire. I think the look and the colour of this coat is fantastic and would work well with lots of combinations.

The Spectre Beanie (Lock & Co)

Wardrobe Wishlist Spectre Daniel Craig Beanie

A lot of us, including me thought it was ACME Studios, but it now appears that it was indeed Lock Hatters, and it would be great to have this released in the next round of hats produced by the company.

Other Potentials for the Wardrobe Wishlist


I suspect that Omega will release a 60th anniversary watch as they have in celebration of other anniversaries. This will be more likely to be an Omega Seamaster Professional 300, with either a gun barrel design.


So not many people are aware, but Church’s offer a bespoke service where (depending on Church’s archives holding the last) can recreate a shoe. I recently enquired about the Church’s Philips as seen in Quantum of Solace, the the last is available, however, extreme caution is required. Because the last is a slimmer profile and there is no shoe in the current range. In that last you would need to be absolutely correct in your sizing. Another factor to consider is the cost of £1,400. I did enquire if a bulk order would reduce the costs, they said it wouldn’t as this is a bespoke pair of shoes and the cost would be the same. Still, it would be great for them to consider another release, but this is a little unlikely.

Wardrobe Wishlist Daniel Craig Boots

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