James Bond has been married once, to Tracy in On her Majesty’s Secret Service. In the final act we get to see Bond’s wedding suit that was made by London tailor Dimi Major.

For a special podcast episode I spoke to Matt Spaiser, editor of Bond Suits and he discussed the James Bond wedding outfit in great detail.

It was known at the time in the UK as black lounge it was a popular way of dressing for weddings and as well as formal business by old fashioned people. People in the tv series The Saint would be wearing that. Roger Moore would go visit business men and bankers and they would be wearing something very similar to that.

It’s slightly more formal than a lounge suit, it has the look of morning dress with the black coat and grey waistcoat. Typically the trousers would be striped or checked and the waistcoat would have contrast to the trousers. With George Lazenby as Bond, the trousers and the waistcoat are a solid light grey and they match.

So thats a bit of a different look. The jacket could be black or midnight blue. Traditionally that would be black. It’s more of a 60s look than a 70s look. The jacket has peak lapels and that is really special. If it had regular notch lapels then it would look more like a blazer.

Lazenby wears it with a very formal satin tie, a wide cutaway collar. It has a very formal look.

James Bond Wedding lazenby portugal

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