Getting Married? Fancy getting the James Bond look for your wedding? Mason and Sons offer special order and bespoke suits to have you looking like James Bond on your special day.

Love podcast I spoke to Matt Spaiser, editor of Bond Suits, about his experience of getting a bespoke suit made with Mason & Sons. What added details can one introduce to a bespoke suit to give it that James Bond look?

Matt Spaiser and David Mason, in bespoke midnight blue Anthony Sinclair dinner suits. Photo by Sophie Kaye Photography.

Getting Married – what’s the dress code?

I was going to wear black tie. I got the gauntlet cuffs that was important to me. This was after I talked to David from Mason and Sons in New York.

The proper Anthony Sinclair cut comes with an extended front dart in the chest. (Anthony Sinclair made all the suits for Sean Connery as James Bond. The brand is now owned by Mason & Sons).

The dart goes through the top and ends at the hip. Anthony Sinclair goes all the way to the bottom. Same as Dimi Major that cut George Lazenby. Lots of Savile Row tailors used that in the mid-century. The tailors in Naples saw what the English tailors were doing and still cut that way.

Getting Married the james Bond details

Gauntlet cuffs, signature James Bond style

How many fittings?

I had one fitting [for my wedding suits]. When I was in London he measured me then, then we talked over it when I saw him in New York. There were many measurements for this suit. We talked about the fit and the trousers had to have a higher rise than most people.

He [Mason] said I’m the first person to have a suit cut this way by him.

The Ivory Dinner Jacket

I wanted something light coloured as well, so I went back to Mason and ordered a special order ivory dinner jacket. What I did at the wedding I put that on first, got the photos. Then for the ceremony when I was getting married, changed into the dinner suit. I Kept the same trousers.

I wanted something easy to wear and classic. Goldfinger, Diamonds are forever and Octopussy, those are the three classic single breasted ivory dinner jackets with peak lapels.

Getting Married ivory dinner jacket

image taken from Bond Suits Dot com

Hemming says..

Those are the ones I wanted to copy. I thought of Octopussy more than any others. I wanted double vents. Goldfinger has no vents. Diamonds has the slanted pockets, but I didn’t go for those. I decided to stay classic with the straight. The Octopussy one was linen. Lindy Hemming said at the Designing 007 exhibit that it was linen.

Mine is made in a wool and mohair blend, very similar to my dinner suit.

Its a light jacket at 7.5 oz, I had mine only partial lined in the back. Very breathable.

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