james bond summer look

James Bond Spring/Summer Wardrobe

My picks.

I’ve gone for two Roger Moore outfits. The first from Live and Let Die. The beautiful sky denim jacket and matching trousers that Bond wears to a romantic picnic with Rosie Carver.

It’s arguably the most casual has ever looked in the franchise so far. Perhaps the powder blue shirt and trousers with long collar points is a mild dated now, but to me it looks beautiful.

It’s pure Roger, it’s pure 70s.

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The other summer looks

I’ve also picked the suit that Daniel Craig wore when he arrived of the plane in Nassau in Casino Royale. If you listen to the DVD commentary Lindy Hemming describes this outfit with such pride.

Lastly another Roger, this taken from For Your Eyes Only.  Roger is tied to Carole Bouquet as Kristatos is about to take him Keelhauling in Corfu. He looks the nails in this blue v-neck tee and cream linen trousers.

This t-shirt has since been reimagined by Orlebar Brown in silk in their 007 collection.

Matt’s picks

Matt Spaiser has gone for two Sean Connery looks, and one Roger Moore. The three piece glen-check from Goldfinger. The deckchair stripe shirt from Thunderball and the Safari jacket from Octopussy.

Matt and I have both been given the chance to try on a Safari Jacket made from the same bolt of worsted cloth as the one that was made for Octopussy. More photos and information can be found in the show notes.

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