36 – Inside Frank Foster and James Bond in Matera

In the latest episode of From Tailors With Love I talk to Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond about the James Bond shirtmaker Frank Foster.


posing in safari shirts

Frank Foster has made shirts for James Bond more than any other Shirtmaker, including Turnbull & Asser.  He also made shirts for Roger Moore in his personal life.

In fact you can dial back one episode and hear British Movie producer Jonathan Sothcott share some memories of Frank and what it was like to visit the store.

Property of a gentleman

Unfortunately Frank is no longer with us but the company is survived by his wife Mary and daughter Sam who showed me around and shared some wonderful memories.

We were also lucky enough to try on one of the Safari shirts from Octopussy. Cut in a worsted wool plain weave from the 80’s, this shirt has been in storage for decades.

Three safari shirts were made for the film Octopussy, one was never completed. This is made from the same cloth and recently cut to the exact paper patterns of Roger Moore.

roger moore paper patterns

The Patterns

(The paper patterns are also still under the possession of the Frank Foster brand. We did not get photos out of respect for Sam and Mary who were still kind enough to show them to us privately).

I also ordered a shirt from the same fabric that Roger Moore wore in Live and Let Die. A shirt that Frank Foster made specifically for the Bond franchise. Frank Foster is available by appointment only.

Matt has written numerous articles on Frank Foster and his purchases over on his blog.

frank foster fabric for live and let die

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