OK today I’m going to walk you through some of my summer wardrobe that I took to Goldeneye. I will start by saying that some products were gifted. I do not make commission on any sales of any products listed.

Pink shirt for summer wardrobe

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The Mason & Sons Camp Collar Shirt

First up is the Mason & Sons camp collar shirt. Modelled after what Bond wore in Thunderball. There’s Claudine Auger there bless her rest in peace. God that swimsuit she wears with the under boob.

Sean Connery pink shirt

Sometimes I think Underboob is better than whole boob right? The suggestion of boob? Nah what I am I thinking, that’s nuts. It’s got to be whole boob.

This Camp Collar shirt is currently going for 105 pounds on the Mason and Sons site. They have a bunch of different colours and patterns and if you buy 3 of them you get a 20% discount.

Camp collar shirt

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How does Bond look Butch in Camp Collar Shirts

Worth checking out. Also the blog on Bond in Camp Collar shirts is worth checking out. The shirt is a cotton and linen blend and the back has a horizontal yoke.

Attention to detail

Ok a quick note note on the buttons, I would say these are imitation mother of pearl. Matt Spaiser is your man for buttons. It doesn’t say mother of pearl on the website so I’m guessing they’re not.

Button shirt details

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I wore this shirt endlessly

You have a split hem at the bottom for ease of movement. The fabric has a nice pink and white two tone quality with some deeper pink flecks.

The camp collar has some close edge stitching which Matt Spaiser and I have differing views or not on whether it denotes quality. I personally do, Matt doesn’t. But what does he know.

I enjoyed the heck out of this shirt. Wore it more or less every day. You’ll be sick of the site of me in this shirt believe me.

Summer wardrobe James Bond style

Further reading on the original outfit: Linen Shirt and Jantzen Swimming Trunks in Thunderball

Sunspel Riviera polo

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Moving onto Sunspel, the British kings of the Summer Wardrobe. Now you’ll recognise this Riviera polo as the one Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale. The one in the film was tailored to his spec so you’ll see the sleeves are short and it’s more form fitting than the ones you’ll get off the peg.

You can also check out another video we recorded at Sunspel with the store manager Louis. (Below).

The perfect Polo for a Summer Wardrobe

The Sunspel Riviera Polo is currently on the site 90 sheets. It’s made of a lightweight mesh cotton and you can see that up close. It’s incredible breathable. The buttons are branded and god damn does that photo do it for me. Woof.

Branded buttons

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Additional Detail

The back has a semi circular contrast double stitch, you have some vents at the hem. An open breast pocket, fairly standard. And the care label has a spare button. Nicely done guys.

Tee Shirt for Summer Wardrobe

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Sunspel tee

The Tee shirt is a fairly standard tee, they do have Sea Island Cotton tee’s on the site which would have been more of a Fleming-fit shall we say for Jamaica, but this is just their classic tee made from Pima Cotton in their factory at Long Eaton.

Their Riviera Polo and the chinos I’m about to show you are made in Portugal. For what it’s worth.

Trousers for summer wardrobe

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Men’s Sea Island Cotton Twill Pleated Trouser In Navy

These Sea Island Cotton trousers are what Sunspel sent on to me, and they haven’t asked for them back so I’m hoping they won’t be missed. These come unfinished, I actually got the missus to take them up on the plane on the way over.

She thinks they’re too big around the seat area. But I liked the extra fit , I love the fact these contrast the pink shirt so well. And because I didn’t want to get bit by mosquitos every five seconds I found these were perfect. They might look a little heavy, but the fabric is very soft. Very comfy.

Sea Island cotton summer wardrobe

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Lastly I didn’t manage to get a Lock & Co hat but I did get a neat alternative, this Straw trilby from Laird Hatters in London, and these Hemingsworth clipper shorts which I’ve had for a year now. You can read more about these shorts in a post I did called Worthy of Bond.

Update April 2021

The Straw Hat from Laird is currently unavailable through their website. But I do encourage you to visit their collection of Summer Hats. I’ve found their price points to be very accessible.