The name’s Baines, Jeffrey Baines. That’s my alias I took going to Secret Cinema on 27th June.

Participants are given several tasks and missions to negotiate once inside. It’s a fully immersive experience that fairs better the harder you try. Below I’ve


secret cinema dress code

If you’ve already purchased your Casino Royale Secret Cinema tickets you’ve more than likely chosen your alias and branch detail. I’m Jeffery Baines, Fashion Impresario.

You have many other sector alias’s such as Media Mogul, Music Producer, Trust Fund Socialite, Venture Capitalist and Tech Entrepreneur. Your branch detail will give you a specific colour to which you must adhere.

Your ONE item of colour could be subtle like a pocket square, cummerbund or bow tie. I went for a different colour shirt but I saw people that were a lot more committed.

secret cinema dress code


Shirt – Silk bespoke. Regular collar, cocktail cuffs, mother of pearl buttons.

Tuxedo – Hugo Boss 100% Virgin Wool, Silk facing peak lapels, double vent, flap pockets straight, flat front trousers. (gifted)

Tie – Geometric, Pierce Brosnan inspired, handmade silk.

Watch – 65 Divers, Oris. (gifted)

Shoes – Black calf leather with brogue detailing, paid for.

Below are some cheaper alternatives if you’re shopping on a budget.


Yellow Shirt

NOV 2019 Update: Above you’ll find a yellow shirt on Amazon for around 12.76 GBP. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this shirt to wear outside of fancy dress, but that’s reflected in the price point. That said, you will certainly distinguish yourself.

Beautiful Custom Badges

If you want to add a splash of colour to your otherwise plain look, look no further than custom badges. The customised features are unique, whether it is the colour tone of the design or the shape of the design, you can choose according to your own preferences.

It can show your personal style. Go to the secret cinema you can pin custom badges on your chest to make people’s eyes shine and give people visual beauty. Or pin it on the lapel for a low-key style. Custom emblems can also adorn your backpacks, hats, pants, and more. Go website for more information.


cheap yellow ties

I don’t think you’ll find a better bargain than the Yellow Xposed Shirt above. 18.99 GBP with free delivery on Amazon. You get the tie, cufflinks and hanky. On the right I’ve included some alternative yellow ties from TM Lewin. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


black tuxedo for secret cinema

There are a few black dinner suits out there targeted for the man on a budget. The above is a Marks & Spencer dinner suit with satin trim. Its a poly-blend so won’t scream quality, but will be durable.

If you’re an infrequent wearer of dinner suits and are just looking to get through the night in a cost effective manner, then this cheap tuxedo is your best bet for 89 GBP.


black shoes for secret cinema

And finally these Keats Hi-Shine Black shoes from Base London are a good deal for 69 GBP. These are only available online however so don’t leave it until the last minute.

NOTE: I’m not endorsing any of these brands as Worthy of Bond like you may have seen in previous posts. Nor am I affiliated. I have done collaborations with Base London in the past, this is not one of them.

Below is what I’ve etched out for my backstory.

business card for secret cinema


Jeffrey Baines. I’m the CEO of Indigo Green. Our company conducts audits and safety measures on fashion supply chains to ensure their denim is sourced ethically.

Questions I anticipate. (After I’ve been asked name and occupation).

Do you like gambling? 

Who doesn’t like to live a little dangerously. Though I hope no smart-alec comes in and asks to double the blinds. I’m down to my last tenner you see.

And what brings you here? 

Everyman needs a hobby.

And what’s yours?

Masturbating. Wait I mean, sh*t. I don’t know, erm. Hey here’s an interesting fact did you know the French don’t have a word for hobby?

Yep it’s true. Christ it’s harder than it looks this secret spy flirting stuff isn’t it.

How many people work in your company?

It varies. I manage large operations. I could have any given number of people under me at any time.  (Nice and flirty, not sexist).

secret cinema badge

the lapel badge that I’ve been wearing ever since

Check out the From Tailors With Love podcast where I talked more about Secret Cinema with David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience. AND find out what happened when I met Barbara Broccoli last week.

David has already posted a Vlog, on what to expect.