Ian Fleming House

Ian Fleming House – London

Out and about

Today I took a semi-capricious expedition to 22 Ebury Street, Chelsea to get a look at Ian Fleming’s Blue Plaque. Interestingly if you google London Blue Plaques both this and Churchill’s come up on the snippet photo.

Ian Fleming House with blue plaque

Ian Fleming House with blue plaque

Not a history lesson

I don’t feel the need to dip too much further into the history of this building, but I will include a passage from the wonderful book by John Pearson on The Life of Ian Fleming, kindly gifted to me by Jon Nichols.

The John Pearson website is ran by his Granddaughter Lydia and is most responsive to some of the questions I had for John regarding a certain project. Please do check out the site here and like the social pages.

History of the Ian Fleming House

How about that!

As I ventured round some side streets on the way to my next appointment I spotted this Bentley. This truly is Fleming land.

The home of James Bond

You’ll also note that James Bond was given a Chelsea home in the novel ‘Moonraker’.

“He was not even disturbed by a curious portent he encountered while he was driving along King’s Road into Sloane Square with half his mind on the traffic and the other half exploring the evening ahead.

The below photo was taken today from second appointment in London, from the balcony of Sloane Square gardens. Perhaps the view that Bond wold have woken up to most mornings.

How to get to..

The closest tube is Sloane Square which you can find on the District Line. Be careful whilst shopping in the area, my Mum had her purse lifted by professionals and within an hour of us noticing it’s disappearance, had racked up huge purchases on her various debit and store cards.

Below is a photo of a terrific Bentley parked outside the Fleming house.

And the podcast..

Matt Spasier and I started the podcast with an episode on Ian Fleming, links to which you can find in the shownotes here.