Continuing on from my first post on Jason Statham in Wrath of Man, I wanted to look at some alternatives for some of the casual looks of Frank Martin in Transporter 3. I couldn’t get hold of anyone within the costume department, the costume designer is Olivier Bériot. I have reached out to the director Olivier Megaton so let’s see what comes back.

Who made the suits?

The end credits list Ermenegildo Zegna, Brooks Brothers and Christian Dior amongst some of the ateliers. And Hamilton as the watch supplier, although an article by What Kind of Watch says that he wears a Panerai in all 3.

Update* since posting about this on Instagram, many people in the community were quick to highlight the watch he wears is a Panerai Luminor Chrono. Rhett Redelings suggests,

I wonder sometimes if the Hamilton business development team gets placement for their watches with the producers, and then the Director makes changes when shooting. In The Avengers (Assemble), The Hamilton khaki automatic 38 mm is credited as being Steve Rogers’ watch, when in fact it is worn by Dr. Erik Selvig. Tony stark is credited with wearing a titanium version, which would be totally out of character. There is exactly one shot of Robert Downey Jr. wearing it, with the watch on the inside of his wrist, so all that is visible is the bracelet and the clasp.

I’m less interested in the suits, although the action sequences are fantastic. In the first The Transporter movie apparently according to Boss Hunting, Giorgio Armani provided Statham with his work suit, shirt and tie. The article says,

Statham reported to have worn a $4,000 suit, shirt and tie combination from Armani during filming of The Transporter.

No grit, no need

Of course they border on farcical but they are so much fun. The ridiculous weaponising of the shirts and jackets mid-fight inform the audience that we’re not here for a gritty character study. And thank God. Even Statham has confessed in interviews that he likes to play to his strengths.

“I took the liberty of bringing your suits, it’s what you wear when you’re working correct?” Says the bad guy. Well lets look at what Statham wears when he is not working. And there are only a few pieces.

Let’s go fishing

During the opening scenes he is wearing a Twin Tipped Fred Perry Shirt, designed in fine cotton piqué with a smart collar stand and bright twin tipping. The exact one from the film is a grey marl with white and black twin tipped collar and cuffs and is no longer available. 

The bucket hat

Frank Martin wears a bucket hat made of a waxed olive cotton with a matte finish. Barbour have done some similar. You can also pick them up readily unbranded on Amazon. The cargo pants are also perfect fishing attire and you can pick these up for next to nothing on Amazon. I’m personally not a fan of bucket hats, but it’s perfectly fine fishing attire.

Frank Martin Cargo pants

The pink shirt

In the latter scenes he wears a short sleeve pink linen chambray shirt with tortoise shell buttons. There is no chest pocket. It’s a very casual shirt as he wears it untucked. But what’s important is the collar.

It does stand up so it’s not a truly relaxed shirt like the camp collar one I have from Mason & Sons.  At the time of writing I have found one on Mr Porter from Onia that is half price. Although you will need to get your tailor to put on some tortoise shell buttons.

The blue shirt

The only other scene we see where Frank Martin is not wearing a suit is when he is relaxing at home, moments before a car comes crashing though his house. He is wearing a sky blue linen shirt with a chest pocket.

Not too dissimilar to the Orlebar Brown one that James Bond wears in Spectre. My friend John from Iconic Alternatives has done some decent research on this so I’ll refer to his blog here.

Frank Martin blue shirt

The boxer shorts

And the boxer shorts. These feel like very classic shorts for Statham. They are again a sky/powder blue cotton short with a small vent on the hem. I’ve found some with a vent over at Hamilton & Hare. You can find those also on Chiltern St if you’re in London.

Frank Martin boxer shorts

The Cufflinks

The cufflinks Frank Martin wears with his white fighting shirt are black circular ones with a pin of silver in the middle. He doesn’t rip his shirt off in the fight sequence unlike the other one in the mechanic shop.

You can spend up to a small fortune on cufflinks. However, for the sake of brevity, and as we’re not doing identical brand matches, I’ve found a pair on Amazon that are similar for ten sheets. (Click image).

Frank Martin cufflinks

Shopping list

I’ve made some sketches of Jason Statham on the phone and uploaded to our RedBubble page. You can buy them as coasters, posters etc.

Jason Statham merchandise


The Transporter trilogy is available to buy on Blu Ray.