“It’s all about details: Use quality ingredients and apply the right techniques that are definitely a good start. In terms of choice of Gin or Vodka and if bitters or not,  I think it is always a very personal choice.

At the Connaught  there are no rules. Every time someone asks for a martini we come at the table with ten different choices of spirits.  We have many bitter flavours to personalise your tailor-made martini experience.” –Walter PintusHead Bartender at the Connaught.

Go shorty

Birthday weekend, sometime back now. Seemed like a better excuse than any to neck a few Martini’s at 2pm. We saunter our way through the revolving glass doors of The Connaught. The missus lead the way to the back bar.

That’s when you know you’re dating a class bird, when she can navigate her way round a five star hotel and not stop to gawp at the chandeliers.


Bespoke service

We were shown to a corner booth facing the bar that was as majestic as the drinks being fastidiously prepared by the mixologists. The heavy moss-green bar was haloed under a brass rail that ran around the entire lip. The bottles were propped with military precision on the back wall and capped by a glass unit filled with incandescent dishes that were at this moment in time, being polished by one of the staff.

Walter arrived with a supplementary drinks tray filled with miniature bitters and a bottle of Tanqueray Gin. This is the place you come to for a Martini. I got a couple in me and within 20 minutes, I was loose. Walter shooed in some long pours and explained some of the unique bitters.

I plumped for the Bergamot which is a variety of sour orange with a fragrance oil. The missus took some pictures and I got to feel like Bond, just for a short while.

Once you walk in at the Connaught bar you quickly realise that our martini trolley is a must and you can’t leave without trying it therefore why shaken or stirred when you can have a unique bespoke martini experience? – Walter