The Great Gatsby (2013)

All right, Old Sport. All right.’ Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby.

Costume Designer: Catherine Martin

Filmography: Moulin rouge, Australia, Untitled elvis project.

Brooks Brothers Suiting

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My Review

I felt like Clouseau being attacked my Cato in my own living room. Baz Lurhmann is so busy trying to get you to look at the story, rather than tell the story. But that’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s moments of redemption. The by now famous raised glass meme of Gatsby to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is pure cinema. Cinema at it’s finest. And there are arguably hundreds more meme-quality shots. However, a hundred solid memes does not a decent movie make.

Brooks Brothers great gatsby

Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio wearing Brooks Brothers suits

On this episode of the From Tailors With Love podcast I speak with menswear writer Jovan Gauthier-Vincent and Daniel Stroupe from Turnbull and Asser about The Great Gatsby (2013).

From Christopher Laverty

Master Tailor Martin Greenfield in his early eighties coordinated all the production for DiCaprio’s and Maguire’s suits. In total the company [ Brooks Brothers ] supplied 500 ensembles for the cast and extras made up of 1700 including shoes ties and shirts. (Quote pulled from Fashion in Film by Christopher Laverty).

Brooks Brothers suits great gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio from his ‘GMA’ Interview 2013

I think people that people identify with Jay Gatsby is that he is the iconic american dreamer. He’s holding on to a relic of the past in Daisy Buchanan but she’s a mirage and she no longer exists. That’s what I became interested in portraying was his obsession. (Catch that full interview here).

Transcribed from the podcast – Daniel Stroupe

In terms of clothes they are in the detail […] more period correct. In the menswear, in the womenswear I don’t think so. AND mainly the suiting. The lapels are thinner in comparison to the 1974 Redford version, the size of the lapels are much thinner and appropriate to the era. The general costuming was fine except the suits were far too tight in the fit and also in my opinion a little cheap in construction.

Transcribed from the podcast – Jovan Gauthier-Vincent

The fit being slim, the jackets were a little too short. They were definitely 2013 in length. In the 20s the jackets were a bit longer and the trousers were a bit more high watered in length. And something I noticed when the jacket was off, they [the trousers] had inner brace buttons and no fishtail back. They most definitely would have had one.

Iconic Film Style writes –

I really enjoyed the DiCaprio version, but in many ways Redford really captured the Gatsby of the novel in his version. The Brooks Brothers clothes in the newer film though not period accurate were extremely dapper and really suited DiCaprio. Good job old sport, keep it up Pete.

Gatsby Maguire

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