“I start choosing fabrics and I bring them over to Chris and it’s always a shared decision. He’s in on all the elements.” – Jeffrey Kurland.

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In this episode I’m joined by returning guest Thomas Felix Creighton to talk about the suits and costumes from Tenet. Directed by Christopher Nolan with costumes by Jeffrey Kurland. His filmography also includes Mission Impossible Fallout, Inception and, Ocean’s Eleven We discuss some of the key style moments and draw parallels to the world of James Bond.

The podcast is available to listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify or in the player below. The below are loose show notes I made. I will edit these over time.

The Suits for Tenet

There are a lot suit jackets over polos that John David Washington wears in this film. It’s mooted that Washington is wearing a more Italian cut in the movie. His promotion to the sharkskin 3-piece has all the echoes of Sean Connery’s Goldfinger. There is a strong chance that the fabrics were sourced through Huddersfield Fine Worsteds. Although I have no confirmation, just hearsay.

I love Kenneth Brannagh in this. His clothes are very understated but Jeffrey Kurland talks about how he has made his money and doesn’t have to show it off. He is more threatening because he is so relaxed. Relaxed but not slovenly. Lastly the Brooks Brothers dig is funny, but a bit harsh I thought.

Enjoy the illustrations below, they were kindly sourced for me by Niven Tailors.

Tenet illustrations Tenet illustrations Tenet illustrations robert pattinson

Shit from IMDB:


From the Esquire Article:

Your Props

Neil’s backpack charm has been replicated over on YourProps. The screenplay for Tenet is available on Amazon and has been reviewed favourably. The Blu Ray is available to buy in the link below.

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