A twice weekly show (Monday & Thursday). Currently I’m breaking down Casino Royale one minute at a time. You can also find archived interviews with costume designers, brands, tailors that have worked or supplied or designed clothes for the films we love.

We also look at stylish films selected by friends of the show, menswear writers and content creators. .

Available to download on iTunes,or Spotify.

Min #23 – Equip Yourself Like Bond

End of min 22 Equip Yourself Like Bond We start this minute 23 of Casino Royale with Bond inserting the card reader he got from Mollaka into M's Sony Vaio Laptop. There is [...]

Min #22 – Christ I Miss the Cold War

End of min 21 Min 22 At the start of Minute 22 of Casino Royale Le Chiffre learns that his bomb maker Mollaka has been killed by British intelligence. He asks Kratt when [...]

Min #19 – The Nambutu Embassy “Listen to Me”

End of minute 18 Nambutu Embassy Minute 19 of Casino Royale sees Bond blow up the Nambutu Embassy. About the explosion on the Blu Ray commentary special effects supervisor Chris Corbould says: They [...]

Min #18 – Bond Storms the Embassy

End of minute 16-17 It's a very Bondian thing to do, hoist the villain by his or hers own petard. This happens here to the official that goes for his gun, only to [...]

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