A weekly show (every Sunday) about the suits, casuals and costumes we see on the big screen.  Featuring interviews with costume designers, brands and tailors that have worked or supplied or designed clothes for the films we love.

We also look at stylish films selected by friends of the show, menswear writers and content creators. .

Available to download on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify.

Recreating the Tom Ford Ties from Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Tom Ford Ties Back in 2022 the culmination of a fan-based project reached fruition with the completion of the TOM FORD Quantum of Solace tie project. The project was to get a recreation [...]

Bullseye | Moore and Caine in Aquascutum | #170

Bullseye (1990) - Aquascutum is thanked in the credits for contributing suits, coats and raincoats for both Moore and Caine. Matt Spaiser - Bond Suits. On the show Today we're talking Bullseye with Roger Moore and [...]

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