Unlike the SPECTRE shirt, the Pointed collar was designed to hold collar stays.

– Article by Daniel Gaster. (Field report 055).

No Time To Die (2021)

A tale of two shirts

This is one of three shirts seen on Bond with his TOM FORD suits when he returns to London. This blue shirt he wears with a black and navy checked suit with a Prada tie (identified by Z) when he meets M for a second time, at the Hammersmith bridge.

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From Tailors With Love Book

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In my previous report I went through the experience of getting the standard SPECTRE white shirt, so won’t repeat the story hear. Please go back and read that review for the full details. The shirt arrived with the standard SPECTRE shirt in its own box, with my name on.

Purchase Date: March 2021

Collar and cuffs

This blue poplin cotton shirt has a classic pointed collar (this one designed to hold collar stays and was supplied with them), cocktail cuffs (known as Dr No cuffs at TOM FORD), front placket and darted back.


This shirt purchased as a ready to wear item was priced at £430 but was £420 from Mr Porter (no longer available). Purchasing this as a Made to Measure item was £505 (17.4% more than buying ready to wear).

As with the previous bespoke shirts it has the “Made to Measure” label sawn in underneath the TOM FORD label, the label on the inside with my name, date of purchase, the store it was purchased from and where it was made, in this case Italy.

As mentioned, unlike the standard SPECTRE shirt, the Pointed collar was designed to hold collar stays, and the shirt had a pair in the collar, and a spare set in the attached tag.

Product: Made to Measure Shirt

Tom Ford unboxing blue shirt

Model: Poplin blue shirt, point collar and cocktail cuffs

Something blue

The collar of the shirt did surprise me a little, being very slightly darker than I was expecting. But having visited TOM FORD in the last few months I know it to be the correct colour from looking at the Ready to Wear shirts made for the collection.

I love the colour of this blue shirt, and the way it feels. The collar does look a lot sharper with the collar stays in. With the White SPECTRE I do have to iron the collar well to look decent.

Purchase Price: £505


Although I’m more of a fan of a white shirt, blue is my favourite colour, and I really do like the look of this one. I pair it with the grey TOM FORD No Time to Die ties that Z and I theorised over before the film was released.  AND I’ve also worn the Alexander Olch Avery tie with this shirt.

I’ve not just worn this shirt with suits, as that doesn’t happen so much these days. I’ve worn it more casually, under my John Smedley Bobby jumpers, my N. Peal Oxford jumper, with the Massimo Alba Sloop Suit and even more casually with jeans.

Cocktail cuffs on blue shirt by Tom Ford

Dr No cuffs at TOM FORD

Investment piece

I really like having some smart shirts that can be worn casually, I couldn’t do this with the TOM FORD Rome shirt, as the pin collar is too formal. The same with the tab collar of the White No Time to Die Shirt as it must be worn with a tie. It doesn’t look right with the tab open.

This is an expensive item, and for me not so much an investment, but more of an occasional luxury purchase.

As with the standard SPECTRE shirt I purchased, the arms did have to be shortened slightly, but this was a purchase made outside of London, at a time when I wasn’t comfortable going to be re-measured. In the future I’ll be trying on in-store before taking home.

Something more luxurious

Also released at the same time was a version of this shirt in sea-island cotton. The price of this ready to wear was £660 (assuming same percentage increase made to measure would be roughly £775), some sizes of these are still available via Mr Porter for £635.

Blue Shirt on Daniel Craig no Time to Die


No Time To Die is available to buy on Blu Ray from Amazon. The images are sourced through Bond Suits. Article by Daniel Gaster. Be sure to follow Daniel on Instagram.