Back again after Operation: Phoenix for another style panel. This time it’s a YouTube live event where YOU get to ask questions, comment, and participate in a discussion of the sartorial aspects of James Bond. 

Join me, Matt Spaiser, of the Suits of James Bond, Harris Thomas from Dressing Like Bond and David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience as we discuss our favourite pieces, looks and debate fashion vs. style. 

We will be showing some rare, (not Matt in denim unfortunately) new and even unseen items from Bond’s wardrobe. THEN immerse yourself in the experience as you get to be part of the conversation as we all enjoy this live discussion.

This is a FREE event (as always) and is not affiliated with any James Bond copyright holder and is an unofficial fan event. You can find the link to the event here

What got me in to James Bond style?

I won’t give too much away about the agenda, but I’ve been asked to do a quick intro to who I am and what got me into James Bond style. I sketched this out below, will need to figure out how to do deliver it shorthand.

Matt Spaiser and I in a coffee shop after an appointment at Frank Foster

Some years ago my Dad had broke his foot, and I had a separate injury that made us both house bound at the same time. Whilst convalescing from our injuries, we played chess, I wrote a bad book and we watched endless amounts of Bond films.

Not long after I interviewed Matt Spaiser for a podcast that I still do for another magazine. That was my foot in the door in Bond clothing, and really the community. I have Matt to thank for so many things, had he never said yes to that interview, I doubt any of this would be happening.

Around the same time my best friend from school opened up a clothes shop just outside of Cambridge. At this point I knew nothing about clothes, but I fancied a change of scenery so quit my job in the wood yard and went into business with him.

Yes I wore this up Sugarloaf Mountain

Oh and the travel

All these things were bubbling away, and near this time I remember going to Rio for the 2016 olympics and being so happy to do the cable car up Sugar Loaf mountain. More photos from my trip can be found here. I wasn’t wearing anything Bondian, but it crossed my mind that I should be looking more like Bond in these holiday photos.

These were all things that felt like they were happening separately, yet simultaneously at the same time. And suddenly, all those elements no longer feel so estranged and thanks to the James Bond community, I’ve slowly become the sum of my parts. And finally, here we are.