Hannibal  S3, E2 – Primavera

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

For his visit to the catacombs, Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) wears a Milestone leather jacket with a dress shirt and a dark slacks. The jacket (size L) is made of maroon leather. It sold for $1,900 at the Prop Store Auction. It’s a curious brand for Hannibal to have, I’d be interested to hear why they were selected. It’s characterised by the dual button down flapped breast pockets, mauve heavy thread topstitching, black acetate and mesh lining and a press stud front placket with a zip fly underneath. The closest I could find is currently available on Amazon. The original does not look to be available.

Milestone Leather Jacket Hannibal

Milestone Leather Jacket (left) Alternative on Amazon (right)

Modern Hannibal

It seems in perfect keeping with this new modern version of Hannibal. One that is not restricted to the confines of his suited daily wear. The leather jacket seen both in the previous episode and now here (although different brands), suggest that Hannibal is still not settled in his surroundings. He is a man that is looking to gain his footing and at any given moment, could jump on a bike and cut all ties.

The Milestone leather jacket is perfect for a conspicuous occasion such as spying on Will Graham. The maroon leather lights perfectly against the candlelight and creates a shadowy effigy  of Hannibal that is half-in, half-out of the shadows. Perhaps one can read too much into clothing, but had this been the black Belstaff jacket (below) from the previous episode, one could assume that he has both feet in the past and not ready to make a new life for himself. In this jacket, he is coming out of the shadows and looking to plant roots.


I have emailed Milestone for a comment for the jacket. They are reasonably priced German brand and you can shop on their site here.

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