Hannibal  S3, Ep6 – Dolce

Costume Designer: Christopher Hargadon

This is an interesting Flannel Suit. It really proves how versatile Mads Mikkelsen is. You can put him in a variety of different styles and fabrics, and he always pulls it off. This is something of a mystery because the continuity page included featuring wardrobe notes, does not reconcile with the tag nor episode. The tag says “306” indicating series 3, episode 6, whilst the sheet says “303”.

Further information on the listing indicates this suit is used as a ‘promotional photo from the third season of the series’. I will edit and update this at a later time should I find the exact scene and episode it appears in, if at all.**

In Conversation with Costume Designer for Hannibal Christopher Hargadon

Flannel Suit mads mikkelsen promotional shot

Hannibal, Season 3, Mads Mikkelsen, December 7, 2014 (Image courtesy of Prop Store).


It’s unusual to see a 3 button suit these days, let alone 4. Because Mads is quite tall, he can pull off such a look that will show a lot of fabric on the body. On the continuity sheet we can see this is a beige flannel suit with brown and grey pin stripe with 3 flap welt pockets. Again, how often do you see a flap breast pocket? It’s a peak lapel suit with tortoise shell buttons. This suit has some of the most interesting details of any of the Antonio Valente suits that we’ve seen thus far. Even the trousers have flap pockets on the seat.

It’s a very old fashioned suit, as desired by the costume team who indicated ‘old fashioned style waistband’.

We also have a new brand tie to add to the production listings. (I’ve kept track and added them to the article on S1, Ep9 – Trou Normand). The silk Stefano Conti tie is described in the notes as a brocade with geometric stripes with small squares in a repeated pattern. Red and black with white dots are noted. It’s very disco, and the red really leaps out. However, as with most things Christopher Hargadon with Hannibal, it looks effortless.

As this was used for promotion the suit fetched a handsome price at auction for $1,800.

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**I completed watching the series a month ago but didn’t have time to make concise notes as I went for each episode. These are largely retrospective research notes.

Hannibal is based on the books written by Thomas Harris (I’ve read, but a long time ago). The TV series (1-3) is available to buy on Blu Ray.