In this episode of From Tailors With Love my co-host Matt Spaiser jumps on for a quick chat about his new instagram page, Suited Details. We cover subjects of blogging about Bond and what happens when you get Bond fatigue?

No YouTube video for this one but I will be posting a Vlog called Meet The Brookers and you can access that first along with a 3 minute compilation of Bond free-falling when you subscribe to the newsletter here.

I ramble about Big Business and how it’s impossible to leave the Virgin Gym. I also touch upon the Rambo Poncho from First Blood that sold at auction for 60k. More on that here.

rambo poncho

Beyond Bond

We will be moving beyond Bond for future episodes. Matt and I will be looking to get costume designers and other talking heads on to the show to talk about well tailored movies.

We’ll try and keep a lot of Bond chat and updates in the podcast, but we want to spread our wings a little. Hopefully you’ll stick with us.

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Coming Up

I’m hoping to get Bobby Morelli of Matched Perfectly on to discuss Inception and Usual Suspects. We are in talks with Christopher Laverty to have him on at some point also.