I do feel held back a little by Bond. I have all these ideas about menswear that had nothing to do with James Bond and I feel like I wanted a place to share that.

– Matt Spaiser (talking about his new channel, Suited Details).

suited details matt spaiser and me

Matt Spaiser talks Suited Details

In this episode of From Tailors With Love my co-host Matt Spaiser jumps on for a quick chat about his new instagram page, Suited Details. We cover subjects of blogging about Bond and what happens when you get Bond fatigue. Matt have enjoyed talking about Bond for 73 episodes in preparation for our book (details below). This episode we talk about a turning point. (Some moments of our chat below transcribed).

PB – do you feel like it’s a race to be the first when it comes to posting things on social media? And could that detract from a more considered long form article that you might post say three or four weeks down the line?

MS – I don’t think so. But and I’m also trying to do that on social media whereas you know, when I say with during the filming of No Time To Die when we were seeing pictures come up, and I was trying to just leave comments on social media about what I thought about these clothes. What they meant when they might have meant for Bond, because I know people were interested in that and just I can’t I cannot get a blog post up that same day when people want to read about that. People want that stuff instantly. Whereas I think classic menswear there’s nothing instant about it. 


PB – Do you think you’re struggling to really find the motivation to talk about James Bond with everyone else talking about it?

MS – You know, I definitely want to keep that going and keep talking about James Bond style. But at the same time, yeah, there are lots of other people talking about it. Maybe it does prevent me from being able to say my own thing that way. There’s a lot of competition out there. Not that I’m scared by the competition. But it’s hard. It’s getting harder and harder to say my own thing with James Bond.

PB – So with Suited Details, what kind of ideas have you got coming up for it. You say you might have some content ideas?

MS – I just want to talk about some of the clothes that I like, how the details make things special to me. Because I think that’s really what sets special clothes apart.I just love, like the gauntlet cuffs on my Anthony Sinclair dinner suit. Those cuffs, really make it stand out. That’s what Suited Details is about.

suited details matt spaiser and anthony sinclair

The book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films is available to buy on Amazon. It’s written by myself and Matt Spaiser and includes the costumes of No Time To Die. The book is now available in colour as an eBOOK, in addition to the B&W hardcover and softcover versions.

Beyond Bond

We will be moving beyond Bond for future episodes. Matt and I will be looking to get costume designers and other talking heads on to the show to talk about well tailored movies. We’ll try and keep a lot of Bond chat and updates in the podcast. However, we want to spread our wings a little. Hopefully you’ll stick with us.

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