Remmert Van Braam

I speak to founder of James Bond Lifestyle Remmert Van Braam about what it takes to run an affiliate marketing website. We also touch upon his other sites that highlights watches and sunglasses in movies. We discuss is there any money to be made from affiliate marketing?

What niches are left? Is the plume off the rose when it comes to influencer marketing and are those lucrative press events a thing of the past? Remmert is a fast-friend, offers sage advice and click below for an interesting video on how to establish a platform of your own, in any community.

Remmert Van Braam youtube

Below are some transcribed moments. 

What niches are left for affiliate marketing? Maybe Film Jackets? 

I think jackets is a great one, there are a few websites. If I would do anything new I would do something like that. But to set yourself apart – (think) what is going to make your site different from the rest? So first of all I would recommend writing original content, being diligent about the content you put on there.

That’s what you sets apart from all the automated giants. Pinterest for example. I think they mess up the whole Google image search because there are so many Pinterest results.

I can’t find anything on Pinterest properly. There’s so much stuff on there that blocks you from getting to the real information.


Tom Cruise in Oblivion. I used Sunglasses ID to help identify the brand then followed the links to purchase a pair on eBay for 90 GBP. Have done a full review on the Vlog.

Can’t we all just ride along with Instagram? Why do we need blogs? 

The competition on Instagram is brutal. Everyone can be on Instagram in two seconds of sign up. But to create real content is where the value lies.

It takes time. It takes perseverance for it to grow in Google for many years. To become a resource. If you can find a community around it. Watches and Sunglasses aren’t particularly communities. A movie franchise has a community and Watches does have a community, but ‘watches in films‘ not so much (my particular focus).

That could be one forum thread, but I made it into a whole website. But you’re not going to get a community around that.


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On the shopping list

When the budget allows I need to have the cornerstone in Movie Sunglasses, the Persol 714’s, seen on Steve McQueen of course in The Thomas Crown Affair. I’ll need to do some more research closer to the time but these have been reviewed well on Amazon.