Oblivion Tom Cruise suede jacket

Screen Grab: Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion 2013 – Costume Designer: Marlene Stewart.

When Jack Harper, played by Tom Cruise rocks up to the Empire State Building for his date with Julia, played by Olga Kurylenka, he is wearing a Burberry Brit Reckitt Suede Jacket. This act of the film is largely carried out in flashbacks, so there is an added sepia tone. However, some production and behind the scene stills give a clearer indication of the jacket’s colour which is labelled as Dark Brown.

Oblivion Burberry Jacket Tom Cruise

Thanks to ..

With thanks to AJB community member Westward_Drift I was able to identify this jacket. That led me to a thread on the RPF forum, where props and costumes from Oblivion were discussed in amazing detail.

tom cruise street style

Image Credit: iwmbuzz.com Sourced: https://holrmagazine.com/street-style-tom-cruise/

This look is also one that Tom Cruise gravitates to in his personal life. Check out the image above. The green/grey trucker jacket looks identical to the one he wears in the film. It could be the same one although I can’t see the exact detailing. Tom often wears white t-shirts under jackets and this is a staple look for him both on and off screen.

The Sunglasses

Harper wears this jacket over a plain crew neck white Tee dark blue jeans and either Ralph Engineering aviators or American Optical Aviators. I used Sunglasses ID to help identify the brand then followed the links to purchase a pair on eBay for 90 GBP. I will be doing a full write up on these glasses shortly. For now I have done a full review on the Vlog.

UPDATE MAY ’22: Confirmed as Randolph Engineering Aviators for Oblivion, although Tom Cruise did wear a pair of AO Eyewear Aviators to the premiere of Maverick.  See Below.

Maverick Tom Cruise AO Eyewear Aviators

Tom Cruise wears AO Eyewear Aviators to the Movie Premiere Maverick May 2022

And then there’s Mike

Community member WhoIsThisMike was generous enough to allow me to share his photos and discoveries from the forums here on the blog. He describes the jacket as:

In person the jacket really has a rather dark olive hue that isn’t really translated by the iPhone camera I’m using. It’s a surprisingly lightweight jacket and rather thin for the $1095 MSRP but it is extremely well fitting and excellently crafted. I am 5’11” 180 and the medium fits like a tailored glove.

The Burberry Jacket

The jacket also has angular pockets with press stud buttons and there are also some adjustable tabs with press studs on the hem of the jacket. They are branded on Mike’s jacket, I presume they are in the film also. The only alteration looks to be in the collar where the button tab is missing, pinned back or removed altogether.

And the Shirt

Mike also stipulates that the blue and grey with white over check shirt that Harper wore by his cabin by the lake is a Ralph Lauren shirt.

The Hat

We have seen Tom Cruise wear an NY Yankee’s ’47 Franchise’ ballcap before in War of the Worlds. You can find my write up about that film here. This one has more fade and the back inscription of 47 has been dulled or dyed over. The cap is available (at the time of writing) on Amazon for 24 USD.

The Futuristic Jacket

Harper wears a high-collared white leather zip-front jacket as his signature uniform. This jacket was made by Bill Hargate Costumes. Bill Hargate the man passed in 2003 according to IMDB. The company still exists, though has no website or social media that I could find online.

Oblivion tom cruise olga kurylenko

Screen grab: Oblivion (2013) Tom Cruise Olga Kurylenko

According to the ..

Fantastic blog Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props Blog, “the costume looks a much lighter shade of grey. Plus it’s hard to see but in the top right-hand of his chest you can see the Tech ’49’ numbering, which is essential to the plot of this post-apocalyptic story.”

Oblivion costumes

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Costumes and Props – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2013

Original Jacket Sold

This jacket was sold at auction in August 2020 through The Prop Store for $20,000. Check out some of the costumes and props in a short YouTube video taken at an exhibition in Tokyo below.

Image Credit and further shopping

Profile image found on Pinterest. Oblivion is available to buy on Blu Ray on Amazon.