In this episode of From Tailors with Love we look at TRUE LIES from (1994). The Costume Designer was Marlene Stewart who’s filmography includes TOP GUN 2, OBLIVION, GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, THE SAINT (Val Kilmer), FALLING DOWN, JFK, TERMINATOR 2 amongst others.

True Lies and Tia Carrere Tango True Lies

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I’ve included some screen grabs from the film that will help you contextualise the chat about the style of True Lies.

The opening Scene, sees Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, coming out of wetsuit dressed ready for a black tie ball. This scene is very similar to the pre-titles of Goldfinger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tuxedo True Lies

  • Arnold’s opening TUX. DB peak lapel 4×1 construction.

Sean Connery Arnold Schwarzenegger True Lies comparison

  • Enter Tom Arnold, the Bolle Video Glasses introduced. Very Bondian.

Bolle Video Sunglasses

Description of the glasses 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tom Arnold True Lies

BEATS continued..

  • ARNIE and T. ARNOLD go to work wearing almost the same suit. In colour and cut. Vents are different. Ties are striped, regimental.
  • CHARLTON HESTON is the M type figure. Although was inspired by the character from Marvel, later played by Samuel L Jackson. With the eye patch. Nick Fury. Heston wears a 3-piece and a tie bar.

Tia Carrere tango scene true lies

  • ARNIE meets TIA CARRERE wearing another Double Breasted 4×1 construction. Changed up the tie. Not much happening in this scene apart from some flirting and exposition. Art Malik slaps Tia to prove he is a real nasty man, not just a terrorist.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tom Arnold True Lies

  • ARNIE goes to JLC (Jamie Lee Curtis) office, learns about her having an affair with Simon played by BILL PAXTON. He is wearing a single breasted suit this time. Darker navy and T. ARNOLD is wearing a light grey.
  • ARNIE meets PAXTON. He is wearing a heavier cloth suit and PAXTON has a very low notched lapel, POW suit that has a lot of drape.

James Bond and True Lies military sweater comparison

  • PAXTON gets rumbled, ARNIE and T.ARNOLD shit him up wearing their military sweaters. Reminiscent of the N.Peal but without the boat neck.
  • REST OF THE MOVIE plays out with Arnie wearing one shirt that gradually gets reduced to shreds.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis high def True Lies

  • The FINAL SCENE ARNIE and JLC do a tango. ARNIE is wearing a white 4×1 construction peak lapelled Ivory Dinner Jacket.

Arnold Schwarzenegger White Tuxedo True Lies


  1. Remake of La Total, a french flick
  2. Jodie foster was gunna be Helen, but dropped out to NELL, madonna was in line also
  3. Arnie rehearsed the tango for 6 months
  4. Budget 100 million, made over 378 million dollars
  5. Sequel planned but scrapped after 9/11
  6. TV series planned in 2010, and 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger True Lies High Def

Who Made the costumes and suits for Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies?

Some great intel from Jocelyn over at Ladies who Bond on Instagram who found these costumes. The shirt maker for the film was Anto, a custom shirtmaker in Beverly Hills.

Update May 2022

This outfit has recently come up for auction on Prop Store. You can find more details of the outfit described here.

The suits for True Lies may have been made by Giacomo Trabalza who made a lot of suits for Arnold during this period. Ryan Hall, Iconic Film Style on Instagram. Ryan goes on to say..

Interestingly by the time Arnold became governor of California he was wearing a lot of Brioni suits apparently. I think suits in the film look great on Arnold (especially considering his size) but he doesn’t look as classic as Brosnan did in Goldeneye.

True Lies costumes at auction


A shout out to Phil Nobile Jr on Instagram for identifying the watch. He gave me the heads up after watching a Vlog on Arnie watches on The Urban Gentry.


  • Glasses from Bolle, more info here.
  • You can download 55 low res photos of True Lies from my dropbox.
  • JAMIE LEE CURTIS’s dress sells for 3k. More details here.
  • Costumes sold at Christies and Grey Flannels.

Screen shots of high res sourced from the BLU RAY review. Click link below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger True Lies Blu Ray

Shopping List

True Lies is available on Blu Ray, controversially through a Spanish Import. By all reports it’s legit but I recommend you do your own studies. Next on my reading list will be Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger.