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Do You Expect me to Talk’s James Davies phones in for a story on Ben Whishaw. This was a chance encounter that James had with Ben, having met him once before at the Skyfall premiere after party.

James and Ben both witnessed a motorbike accident and Ben rushed to the aid of the motorcyclist. Hear the full story in the podcast with James.

ben whishaw

Welcome James

James is a regular guest on the podcast and his journalistic background has meant he has interviewed the likes of Michael Caine and had sit down informal breakfasts with the late Sean Connery.

What brands does Ben Whishaw wear as Q in Skyfall and Spectre?

He wears a Dries Van Noten Cardigan that I’m very keen on but no longer available. There is a limited edition Swatch watch that has been released in the promotion for No Time to Die. Check out the review on that Q Swatch watch in David’s video below.

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