(These are show notes promoting an event that has now passed. However, the event was a lot of fun to be involved with. The graphics were terrific and I’m leaving the blog post live on the site as a nice memory).

This week on the show we’ll be talking to Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond, David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience and Calvin Dyson from Calvin Dyson Reviews.

Operation: Phoenix

We’ll be talking today about Operation: Phoenix which is the all day Bond event happening this Saturday 30th, 10am Eastern time, 3pm UK time. You can see David’s video below on what to expect.

Below is info from the Facebook Event

Operation: Phoenix will be on Saturday May 30th from 10 AM EST to 6 PM EST.
This is a day long virtual celebration convention of Bond for the Bond Community.

The below is the agenda of the day. Each panel will be presenting, interacting, and taking questions from YOU!

All times are in EST:
10:00-11:00 Welcome and Culture of Bond David and Guests
11:00-12:00 Movies Tom and Calvin
12:00-01:00 Fitness Sean and Giac
01:00-02:00 Drinks Joe and Kyle
02:00-03:00 Music Warren and J.W.
03:00-04:00 Weaponry Donnie and Ray
04:00-05:00 Style Matt, Peter, Harris
05:00-06:00 Closing and Future State David and Guests


We have chosen a new platform for the event called DEMIO. DEMIO is a webinar platform that allows us to still have an immersive experience but do it in a controlled and safer environment.

With DEMIO every person needs to register and that individual is sent a unique link just for them.

Featuring me

I’ll be hosting the style panel with Matt and Harris from Dressing Like Bond. I’m going to debut my bespoke Frank Foster shirt.

The debut

The pleated one from the the pre-titles in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, made by the same tailor, Mary from Frank Foster. I’ve not even got it out the cellophane yet. That will be fun. (See below).

Original design – replica shirt

Cold Showers

I have finally achieved my goal of lasting five minutes in the cold shower like Bond does in the novel Dr. NO. Don’t call me a hero. I’ve found some info on the benefits of cold showers below.

Benefits of cold showers

Some clips from the show

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I take a Q&A and answer the following questions

  • Where in London do I live?
  • What do I think of the new Orlebar Brown Collection?
  • What kind of pet would James Bond own?
  • Rolex or Omega?

Thanks for everyone that asked questions. I’ll do them on my Instagram every week. Check my stories or just DM me.

I do mention casually my Oris Divers 65 which is one of my most prized possession. I did a podcast on alternative dive watches with Bobby Morelli which you can find the shownotes to in this article here.

Oris Divers 65