On this episode of From Tailors With Love I’m joined by Mark Mawston, photographer, writer and contributor to Mi6 Magazine. Mark has some wonderful stories about meeting John Barry, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and many more Bond glitterati.

Below is the photo he spoke about when meeting Roger Moore.

He was also there when Daniel Craig was announced as James Bond in the Royal Naval Docks. You can check out his website here.

My thoughts after

I also talk about the amazing Goldeneye Watchalong with Pierce Brosnan on the Esquire magazine YouTube. You can find that in the video below.


I’ve taken all the best soundbites and put those in a blog which you can find here.

The view from Firefly

I talk about the view from Firefly and wanting a rum cocktail. The above is what I’m talking about.

Matt Spaiser also jumps on a call and we talk about the Sea-Island cotton masks by John Broughton at Bespoke JB. Fleming would approve I’m sure. Click on the image to shop.

43 bucks

Matt’s also

Done a very impressive blog on what does James Bond use his pockets for. However, more importantly I get to the bottom of how Matt manages to get such impressive screen grabs for his blog.

photo credit: BondSuits.Com

Coming up

We have nothing in the tank for upcoming guests or Vlogs I’m afraid. Matt and I are working on a project (yes we’re writing a book) that we’ll hope to tell you more about soon. If you are up for coming on as a guest then you can reach me through my Instagram where I spend most my time.

I have a newsletter going on, I haven’t had time to fart one of those out this week but maybe this weekend I will. Thanks to everyone once again for sharing for leaving those iTunes reviews, It means a lot and until next time.

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Profile photo sourced from FanPop

Daniel Craig press announcement photo sourced from Thunderballs