In this episode I talk with Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond and talk about meeting George Lazenby at the BFI screening of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

David Walliams did a Q&A with George after the film and you can see a huge chunk of that Q&A in the Vlog I posted below. Sadly in the audience Q&A there was only time for two questions.


One gentleman asked George about meeting Bruce Lee 3 days before his death. You can hear about that in the podcast. (Links at the bottom).

Where are the suits?

Matt Spaiser talks about his favourite suits from the movie and what happened to them after the film. Why did Dimi Major come into the fold to tailor the suits for George Lazenby and what happened to Anthony Sinclair?

george lazenby and david walliams

George Lazenby and David Walliams at the BFI – Photo Credit Mark O’Connell from Catching Bullets

Not only but also..

Also on the podcast I sit down for a brief chat with Mark O’Connell, author of Chasing Bullets, Memoirs of a Bond Fan. Mark met George also and we just shoot the breeze about the day and dicuss our takeaways from Majesty’s.

Mark took the wonderful photos above and below.

George Lazenby and David Walliams at the BFI

George Lazenby and David Walliams at the BFI – Photo Credit Mark O’Connell from Catching Bullets


In the DVD extras Matt and I talk about a certain account thats cropped up on social media that seems a little dubious, to say the least.


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