Equip Yourself Like Bond

End of min 22

Equip Yourself Like Bond

We start this minute 23 of Casino Royale with Bond inserting the card reader he got from Mollaka into M’s Sony Vaio Laptop.

There is a TV commercial spot for the Sony Vaio that you can watch on YouTube here. The extended version which is called Equip Yourself Like Bond has the deleted scenes from the movie where Bond throws the laptop into the water.

In this scene Bond tracks down the sent message and the location zooms into the Ocean House in the Bahamas. We hear over Bond’s shoulder a click, and Bond closes the laptop but not completely.

Equip Yourself Like Bond

There are some shots in this movie that I feel are purposely lit and created to show off how sexy Daniel Craig’s eyes are. And this is one of them.

The camera pans and we see M exiting a private elevator. We can now assume this is her apartment.

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Interesting quote on the Mi6 Website,

“The electronics giant also is using Bond to promote its cellphones, laptops and high-definition TVs by jamming them into scenes throughout “Casino Royale” in one of the most extensive movie product placements ever. Sony Chairman Howard Stringer told Fortune magazine that Bond “will carry so many Sony products that he won’t be able to stand up.”

Equip Yourself Like Bond

In an interview with Judi Dench when asked who her favourite Bond is she said, how can I possibly answer that, how would Pierce Feel. Also in the same interview Craig said it was his idea to kill her off. His idea to kill Bond off, to kill M off, Craig is like the angel of f**king death.

Song of the week

M’s in an Elevator

Workin’ like a ninja for the boss lady
Always breaking into her home
I’m Going online, and what do guys do
When they have a laptop and they’re on their own

They stroke it and caress it
And yes, I’m a man of mystery, (woah yea)
I always delete my web history
not a trail of breadcrumbs but a trail of jizz, but now,

M’s in the elevator
And I’ve got something that’s not going down
M’s in the elevator
I’ll just have to pretend like I was playing cards