Today on the show we discuss the ethics of Military wear in mainstream fashion. Sparked by the N.Peal No Time to Die Military Sweater. I’m joined by Thomas Felix Creighton on the show, some of you will know him as Fleming Never Dies on Instagram.

Thomas is a sweet dude and like Bond he has a rich naval history himself so we talk about some of the garments a naval officer is commissioned and how these garments have bled into mainstream fashion.

Military wear sixties

What does a Naval Officer wear?

About military wear and naval wear in particular Thomas annotates what is the typical uniform.

“The biggest risk on a naval ship is very definitely fire. you have a lot of fuel, you have a lot of oil in addition to the explosives you have so almost every piece of clothing is not only designed to be hard wearing but also fire resistant.

Thomas showing off his military tropical shirt

The trousers, the combat pants are very thick and treated to be fire retardant. The boots are designed to be worn if you’re on the deck of a burning ship. So they are resistant up to heats up to ridiculous amounts.

The big woolly jumper is not fire proof but is designed to be fire resistant. Its a course material, very warm. So its not the cosiest thing against the skin. you have a fire resistant blue shirt underneath. To make the fabric fire resistant it has to be dipped into a special chemical to stop sparks catching light on it.”

Military sweater

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Featured image taken from Boutique London – A History: King’sRoad to Carnaby Street by Richard Lester. For a comprehensive look at Fashion Books that I’d recommend be sure to check out the article entitled: The Fashion Books I Bought for Studying Design Fashion.