Bond in the Bahamas! Boy what a trip this was. Sean Connery loved filming out here for Thunderball, he knew one day he would retire here from public life.

On this show I’ve got Matt Spaiser from Bond Suits on the line. I’m going to talk about the Bahamas trip which I did a full blog write up listing all the locations in an article here.

You can also check out the video of all the James Bond travel locations in the Bahamas in the vlog below.

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I talk about The Ocean Club and what Bond wore when he arrived to the Bahamas. I speak about getting recognised on the plane, that was fun. The cockroach in my hotel, not as fun.

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Below are some further articles I’ve written for two other e-magazines. Written before pre-covid times but some helpful advice on hotels and transport.

What You Should Know Before Arriving in The Bahamas – TOP 10 TIPS

bahamas cruise ship

dilapidated buildings in bahamas

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