Hello welcome to another episode of the From Tailors with Love podcast.

On this show I’ve got Matt Spaiser from The Suits of James Bond on the line. I’m going to talk about the Bahamas trip which I did a full blog write up listing all the locations in an article here.

You can also check out the video of all the James Bond travel locations in the Bahamas in the vlog below.

I talk about The Ocean Club and what Bond wore when he arrived to the Bahamas. I speak about getting recognised on the plane, that was fun. The cockroach in my hotel, not as fun.

Also Joe Emery from For Bond Fans Only is on the line talking about an upcoming event where Julian Glover will be in attendance and my mate Yennis from Skyfall, the casino girl. She’ll  be there. Check out the Facebook event in the link here.

That is happening on the 11th April.

We have updates on Operation Barracuda, please check out the Facebook event invite and email me if you have any questions. That is happening on the 28th March.

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