In this episode we talk to Ian Maclean, Managing Director for John Smedley about their involvement in Skyfall. Short interview. (33 mins in). Please find the full interview transcribed here. It’s a short but sweet interview.

The book From Tailors With Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films is available to buy on Amazon. It includes an interview with the Costume Designer for Skyfall, Jany Temime. It’s written by myself and Matt Spaiser and includes the costumes of No Time To Die. The book is now available in colour as an EBOOK, in addition to the B&W hardcover and softcover versions.

British Brands featured in Skyfall

The costume designer Jany Temime brought many casual elements to the James Bond franchise, but there was (it seems) a concerted effort to make these brands British. You saw the introduction of John Smedley, (a favoured brand for Daniel Craig who is a personal customer), N.Peal, Orlebar Brown, Barbour and Crockett & Jones.

Skyfall Daniel Craig Barbour

Special Guest

No Matt Spaiser on this episode but Daniel Gaster fills in and talks about Skyfall and all the clothes he bought that are featured in the movie. (7.41 mins). Daniel Gaster is now the Editor-at-Large of From Tailors With Love and has since reviewed many of the products he has bought from the James Bond films. You can find all his product reviews on his page here. Including the review of the John Smedley Bobby Sweater featured in Skyfall.

Listen to the podcast

Available to listen in the player below or on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Some technical issues happened when I recorded so some choppy distortion does occur. Please bare with me as I try and get through the technical glitches.

You can also listen to the interview I did with Jany Temime in an earlier episode of the podcast. Jany talks about how she was recruited as costume designer for Skyfall and Spectre taking over the role of Louise Frogley who costumed Bond for Quantum of Solace.

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