Today I’m going to give you a quick insight into the world of Sophie Harley and how she got involved with the James Bond film, Casino Royale.

Sophie designed the Algerian Love knot that featured so heavily in the movie, worn by the demure yet fateful Vesper played by Eva Green.

This is just a brief snippet of that interview. I wanted to know how did she get involved in the James Bond franchise.

Sophie Harley drawings and designs

Sophie Harley tell me about your world and how often do you host James Bond fans here in your studio? 

I have a lot of clients who love (James) Bond. I have a lot of clients who fly in from all over the world to buy the love knot for their wives or partners, for wedding anniversaries etc.

Regarding your involvement with the movie Casino Royale, who called who?

It stems from the amazing Lindy Hemming who was the costume designer for Casino Royale and many other films.

She has done all the Batman films etc (Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy), her whole family is involved in costume.

Her daughter did the costumes for Harry Potter and for her daughters wedding I made some incredible cuffs and jewellery with dragons with diamond eyes and very unusual things.

She (Lindy’s daughter) got married in a red wedding dress with this dragon which was all the way up the dress.

Sophie Harley

Sophie Harley talking to David Zaritsky The Bond Experience

Very theatrical. So Lindy knew my work and she knew it would suit the mysterious element of the jewel that they needed for Casino Royale.

My work is very cross cultural, its an eclectic mix of different cultures and different times.

I use ancient goldsmithing techniques but with a contemporary twist so Lindy thought of me, sent me an email.

It was at the end of 2005 just before xmas, “hey Sophie do you want to do the next bond film?”

So early in January I came into the studio and locked the door.

I had been given the brief of 4 interconnecting rings and that was it. It was to be called an Algerian bond knot. But it doesn’t actually exist in jewellery terms.

The full interview was recorded for the From Tailors With Love podcast, episode 31. Available on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. or listen in the player below.

Special thanks..

*Many thanks to Sophie Harley and her team for entertaining us with such wonderful stories and her kind hospitality.

Special thanks to David Zaritsky for organising a wonderful experience that gave me the opportunity to speak to Sophie.

Contacting Sophie..

Sophie Harley is available for bespoke services by appointment in her studio in Westbourne, London. Full details can be found via her website.

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