In this episode of From Tailors With Love I sit down with Tom Mallin associate creative director on the show Casino Royale Secret Cinema. He works closely with the Creative Director Angus Jackson.

Tom is also the performance director which means he works with the cast and rehearse them in the performance. Tom spoke about the James Bond Secret Cinema experience.

I do love Daniel Craig as Bond the re-imagination of the Bond character. This real gritty, blunt instrument. I love Daniel Craig’s Bond and I’m a particular fan of Skyfall. Taking Bond to the origins. Of course Casino Royale is the best.

At secret cinema we are a vessel that looks to bring the audience in to the heart of the narrative. With Casino Royale and Daniel they take you back to the beginning; the legend of James bond. To when he first gets his 00 status. It was a was prime opportunity for us to create a prequel to this film.

So the audience goes through the journey like Bond would. Go through the world, through the moments and action to where Bond gets his 00 status, feeling complicit in that story in the build up to Bond.

secret cinema dress code

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Currently there are no London events with Secret Cinema. At the time before COVID it was mooted that James Bond Secret Cinema would be franchised globally.

As of yet we only have drive in experiences in LA. The previous London James Bond Secret Cinema was situated in Dagenham.