This week on the From Tailors With Love podcast, Matt Spaiser from the Suits of James Bond and I, talk to Bobby Morelli from Matched Perfectly.

Bobby is a keen James Bond fan and loves the sartorial side of Bond as equally as the movies. He has a great collection of the Tom Ford limited edition perfumes and he gives us an insight on which ones to wear for different occasions.

As an aside, if you’re interested in learning more about Tom Ford and his fragrances you can catch my mate Carl Thompson over on his blog.

He has written extensively about Tom Ford over the years and produces fantastic product imagery for his blog posts.

Catch the podcast in the player below.

Matt talks about the movie The Last Valley. Never heard of it before in my life but I will probably catch it on a rainy day when the missus is out. Brian Trenchard-Smith (who?) gives a quick 3 minute run down in the YouTube vid below.