Bobby Morelli is one half of Matched Perfectly. An aspirational Instagram channel run by him and his wife Leah, showcasing all the brands they like and use in their everyday lives.

Bobby is a keen James Bond fan and loves the sartorial side of Bond as equally as the movies. He has a great collection of the Tom Ford limited edition perfumes and he gives us an insight on which ones to wear for different occasions.


Being in Florida I graduate to the warm weather stuff. Thunderball is one of my favourite Bond films. The navy Fred perry polo or the camp collar shirts, all of those have been influential on me.

Fast forward to the modern Bond’s and it’s not all tailored with Daniel Craig so it became more accessible. The Barbour Jacket, the N.Peal sweater the Sunspel polos etc. They are casual enough to wear every day. A little more affordable than Brioni or T. Ford bespoke suits.

matched perfectly


I’m not a fan of Tom Ford big peaked lapels. I’m a slim skinny guy that would look out of proportion on me. I think he’s an interesting choice for Bond. It has raised the profile within the Bond community. For me, Mr Ford is an aspirational type purchases. There are plenty of those, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, take your pick.

tom ford private blends

The Private Blends

My wife and I are both big fans of the Tom Ford scents. Honestly there is a Bond influence there. It comes up in the novels often. Fleming was a fan of Floris – part of the bond character as a whole is all about having a fully-sensory experience. Scents, clothing, food – Bond immerses himself in that lifestyle. While the Private Blends aren’t cheap, it’s not as expensive as buying a Tom Ford suit.

You can have that buttoned-up experience without having to spend 6,000 dollars.

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