Hey all, episode four of From Tailors With Love is now available to download on iTunes and Stitcher.

This week we get to talk to Adam Brown, the founder of Orlebar Brown on what it’s like to work with the James Bond producers EON. Here’s an excerpt:

Your swim shorts were used in the swimming scene in Skyfall, did you manage to get down on set that day and watch them film the scene?

We had no idea that was going to happen, we had a good indication that the scene had been filmed, we knew the shorts had been selected, you don’t know until the final edit that the shorts would be in the film. – Adam Brown

As ever I’m joined by my good buddy Matt Spasier from The Suits of James Bond as we discuss what’s going on in the world of Bond style news.

I mentioned a visit to James Bond’s flat in Spectre. Matt talks about John Broughton, who printed his entire blog and put it into a binder.

John makes pocket square of old shirts, he makes new James Bond-style cuffs for shirts using cocktail cuff patterns from Matt’s blog, and he has some cuff links. Here’s his site: https://www.bespokejb.com/

Finally, we’ve had a great response from our listeners so far. Some glowing reviews on the AJB007 forum.

It means a lot to read these reviews, truly made my day getting sent this link.

I’ve since figured out how to embed the player so you can access the podcast here if you like. Next episode we’ll be continuing with the latest Bond fashion news and a look at the the lounge suits from Dr. NO.