Today I’m going to show you the tailored interiors of the Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept. The woollen interiors designed by English craftsman David Snowden. Cut and patterned by Savile Row tailors Henry Poole. (Inventors of the Tuxedo).

lagonda vision concept aston martin

The below is a block quote text from the Media pack. Told by Aston Martin EVP and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman.

For the interior Reichman and his team took further delight in defying convention. They turned to the most traditional of households for the most visionary thinking. ‘How do you create a cabin that is at once unlike any other? One that is capable of achieving a new level of luxury – both in look and feel while staying true to Lagonda’s forward thinking vision?

inside aston martin concept

Only one man

For me there was only one man for the job.’ The work of renowned English craftsman David Snowdon, has fascinated Reichman for years. His ability to marry materials, some very modern, others very established in ways that are never predictable held the key to the interior of the Lagonda Vision Concept.

aston martin interiors

The materials used

‘We showed David all these ideas we’d had for marquetry and leather on the inside. He said, “Let’s use different materials. Materials people won’t expect even in isolation, let alone together.” Which is why the interior of the Lagonda Vision Concept uses not only ultra modern materials like carbon fibre and ceramics but also some of the oldest and finest that of late have rarely been used in the automotive sphere, like cashmeres and silks.’

luxury car of the future feet up

Expert knowledge from Savile Row tailors

The result is a cabin that surprises, shocks and fascinates. Silk carpets and hand woven wool upholstery live in perfect harmony with carbon fibre trim and functional ceramic tiles that open and close to alter the ventilation and adjust the volume of the music. As well as working with David Snowdon, Marek enlisted the support of Savile Row tailors, Henry Poole for their expert knowledge in tailoring luxury materials.

aston martin lagonda in show room

The finishing touches

When the decision was made to use hand woven wool the master tailors of Henry Poole were able to assist in creating the patterns, cutting the material and the detailed finishing to ensure that a perfectly trimmed seat was achieved on the Lagonda ‘Vision Concept’.

The Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept will be the first luxury brand that is emission free. The front seat will pivot round and face the rear and the steering wheel will retract. 

seat details aston martin interiors

I’d like to thank Georgina and the team at Aston Martin. Plus Carl Thompson for inviting me along to the Aston Martin showroom.

The media pack can be found here.